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Specialy Desiged java scripts that generate countless combinations of real, usable names for you campaign! Includes, Standard, Short, Long and Hard name options.

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Palladium Character Sheets

version 2.3.2

The FRONT of the sheet includes spaces for personal character info and all the basics (Hp, Level, SDC, Exp Ht, Wt etc) as well as OCC-RCC /OCC-RCC Related/Secondary skills (% and level up %),Wp's and special powers. The front also has a picture box and lists all of the WIZARD SPELLS and PSIONICS.

The BACK provides space for characters to divide their equipment into backpacks, pouches saddlebags on person etc. as well as Weapon and Battle Ready weapon listings. Armor, H to H info as well as all WARLOCK and CIRCLE MAGIC is listed.

Just click on the front or back to view the sheet, then right click the full screen image and select "Save Image As..." to download.

GM Accessory Sheets
The NPC CHARACTER SHEET is a half page character sheet ideal for keeping data on NPC's. A short sheet with all the neccissaries for fleshing out the NPC, without the waste of extra space.

The EXPERIENCE TRACKING SHEET provides a simple and organized way to track the experience of up to eight characters at once. Includes info on awarding experience for any Palladium RPG.

The BATTLE TRACKING SHEET is an easy way to organize battle information. Includes systems to organize initiative, track characters, damage to individuals, armor, and Attacks per Melee, compatible with any Palladium RPG.

Just click on the sheet you wish to view, then right click the full screen image and select "Save Image As..." to download.