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McDonald's will sell Happy Meals containing these Tamagotchi Toyz for 4 weeks beginning July 17, 1998. They are only being sold in the US. There is also an extra 9th Tamagotchi Keychain Toy sold only in US Wal-Mart McDonald's. I will post descriptions as they become available for all the non-US readers.

These are the descriptions on the Tamagotchi Happy Meal Bags. Click for pics of the toys...

#1 Growagotchi -loves to eat! Every time you close the egg he eats 4 cheeseburgers, 2 Super SizeŽ fries, a milkshake, & an apple pie. BUUURP!

#2 Puppagotchi -Pochitchi (po chee' chee) doesn't realize he's a dog (even though he loves chasing cats). Make sure you don't leave him alone in the car-he also loves driving!!

#3 Createagotchi -loves to go shopping (they like trying on different outfits). You can even mix & match them to create your own bizarreagotchi!!

#4 Secretgotchi -You and your TAMAGOTCHI have a secret-he only comes out to play when you're around! Rub the screen... he magically appears!

#5 Clearagotchi 1 -Tamatchi (tama ch'ee) loves traveling! Now that he's sprouted arms and legs, he'll go anywhere and everywhere with you!

#6 Clearagotchi 2 -Takotchi (taco tchee) loves to play hide-n-seek, but BEWARE- he cheats! (it's easy to win when you have a cool periscope-gizmo on your head!)

#7 Gameagotchi -Kuchipatchi (koo chee potch'ee) loves to play all day! Set the arrow to show which way he'll end up facing- but be careful, he's very tricky!

#8 Flashagotchi -Nyorotchi (ny o rotch'ee) is always hungry (that's why he likes the movies-plenty of snacks!!) Help him put on a show by making shadow puppets on the wall!

#9 NO NAME, However I propose "GLOWAGOTCHI" until a better name becomes available. This will be a pink egg with a glow-in-the-dark character keychain inside.