Welcome to.... um i don't know, with the new site i think it deserves a new name. We are having a contest to pic a new name for this site please E-Mail me your ideas and the winner will get credit for the name and will have an article placed in the newsletter so everyone will know you won the contest

We now have a newsletter and the first edition is up now!!! So check out the frame link on the side to goto the newsletter!!!

In other news we have the creatures2 life kit. The life kit is finnally out! Visit the official creatures webpage to find out more!!! Creatures Main Page

Comming Soon-

The Happy Hacker-
The happy hacker will be open soon!!! You will be able to see what's new with my cobs, get some files to learn how to make your own cobs and i will post some of your cobs too. So check back that should be opening soon!!!

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