Welcome to the first edition of our creatures newsletter. This is the first of many newsletters but i can't do it alon i need some help getting things going. I will not need a graphics designer as i originally thought but i need people to help me out with different sections of this newsletter. As of now i do not have this kind of help so i will be doing this letter on my own which means it will be quite short of my expectations, But i will be posting a list of jobs that need to be filled soon so if you wanna help keep an eye out for these jobs!!!

      The Norn Funnies...We all need to laugh sometimes so why not have some creatures jokes and stories to lighten the mood!? This section will have Creatures jokes and stories whether they be funny made up stories or a totaly unbelievable hoax, they will all be here in...The Norn Funnies.

The Albian Scrolls...This section is devoted to mumblebox and her website the Albian Scrolls. In this edition he has posted his funny pics that he made. there is also a link to his site so check it out!!! Also there should be two new sections devoted to SteerPike and LummoxJR and there websites in the next newsletter so check the next newsletter for the great sections!!!