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A very small update this time: changed oMUD to point to ShadowMUD's new address: 3000. Please check back here again in the next few days, in case I need to update something else.

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Previous Version News:

Version 2.2, posted March 22 2004

A whole bunch of little features in this version, in several different categories. Every one of these changes was a result from player feedback and suggestions, so thanks to everyone who contributed.

Version 2.01, posted July 26 2003

Announcing oMUD 2.0! This is a major new version, packed with a bunch of yummy new features, and probably even more bugs! NOTE: Due to the overhaul of the Triggers and Macros, I was unfortunately unable to maintain backwards compatibility with the old Preferences files. So, you will need to re-create your characters in the Autologin window, and any macros/triggers that you created. I also suggest that you install this version to an empty directory, to keep everything nice and clean.

UPDATE: I've posted a small update with these changes:

Version 1.05, (posted July 5 2003)

This is another fairly small release, aimed at squashing some bugs, and adding a few of the smaller feature requests that I've received over the last little while:

Version 1.04, (August 10 2002)

This version fixes several major bugs, hopefully without introducing any new ones :) I also managed to squeeze in a few new features that people requested:

Version 1.03 (November 1 2001)

Well geez, it's been... a long time since the last update. Real Life. Can't live with it... pass the beer nuts.
This version concentrates on eradicating as many of the remaining bugs as possible, which caused a lot of oMUD to have to be rewritten from the ground up. You should find it much nicer to use than previous versions.

Version 0.11A (April 24, 1999)

I haven't had much time to work on oMUD recently, what with all that RL stuff. But, I managed to squeeze in a few new things:

Version 0.10A (Feb 14, 1999. A very exciting Valentine's day.)

Version 0.09A (Jan 27, 1999)

Version 0.08A:

Version 0.07A:

Version 0.06.3A:

This version is mainly a bug-fix release. Most importantly, it should fix the problem that causes oMUD to crash when you enter too much input at once.

Version 0.06A:

Version 0.05A:

Version 0.04A:

Version 0.03A: