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Bread I buy from bilo the 5 for $6 and store them in the freezer and only
take out one a night for lunches the next day. I also buy bulk milk from
our local butcher who sells 6 for $10 and freeze them also.
~michelleakalovey EMC~

Browse op shops whenever you need something BEFORE buying new just in
case they have what you need at a much much cheaper price eg. jeans,
cutlery, books.
I run a small fruit and veg co op, I go to our nearest market and buy
up big, then come home and divvy up into 3 boxes for the 3 families ..
ends up costing us $25 each for BIG boxfuls of healthy fresh food, they
have cheap milk and eggs too. Look into either joining a local co op or
start your own, it doesn’t have to be big to work.
~Mustang EMC~

If your bad at impulse buying, do your shopping on the internet.
Its easier to stick to your list, you don't get sidetracked by little
~Mchelle EMC~

I buy all my food at Aldis and factory outlets - the factory shops especially
are a GREAT way to get good tasting food really cheap, I'm lucky in that theres
a few around where I live. We eat really well and I have my food budget at
around/just over $100 a fortnight.
~brook EMC~

We buy our meat in bulk. I get a whole rump or a whole new york cut or
similar. I bought a whole New York Cut once at $4.99pk, the same meat, as
in, already cut for you, cost $8.99pk. The butcher will cut it to how you want
it done. We go to a local Chicken outlet and buy all of our chicken there.
Saving $$$$$.
~Platypus EMC~

I keep a good eye on the specials brochures and take advantage of bonus flybuy
points. Sometimes it will mean that I stock up on basic items such as crackers,
or shampoo, but in the long run I win on price and points.
And never take kids or hubby with you shopping. You invariably come back with more
than you intended.
If you can get potatoes from a local potato farm, they are much cheaper. I
buy a 25kg bag for $10.00. They are seconds but much tastier than in the shops.
Then I divide them with a few others so that they don't go old and sprout before
I need them.
~hithere EMC~

If you live in Sydney go to Paddys/Flemington markets of Friday.
They sell fruit and veg by the box. Last time we went it was around
$2 -$5 for a box of apples, corn $3, 65kg potatoes $25, tomatoes around $5.
But be prepared. You need to go with a trolley and a big car and be prepared
to bargain. We used to take turns, we organized 6 families, went once a month
or so, so you only had to go 2 or three times a year . The produce was really
fresh and lasted a long time.