What is it?

The tir_attack utility gives you TrackIR enhanced mode support in some games that would not normally support it.

(Looking for the tir_rbr utility? Get this instead as it has some important bug fixes).

How do I use it?

Just run the normal Track IR application, then tir_attack, then your chosen game.  That's it.

What's New?


First public release.


v1.3: Now has a "nice mode" setting for people who found tir_attack made games too slow.
2004-09-23 v1.4: Support for the latest RBR patch, version 1.01 (v1.4+ will no longer work with the old version)
2004-11-01 v1.6: Added support for the newest RBR patch (v102)
2004-11-20 v1.7: Now supports RBR patch v102 in non-SSE mode

Which games are supported?

These games might work with the tir_attack utility if you're lucky:

 Download It!

Download version 1.7