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Inviting Young Intellectuals to GEETHANJALI HIGH SCHOOL
Dear netigens,Childhood is like a mirroe,which reflects in after life the images first presented to it.GEETHANJALI has stepped in to this educational field with "Knowledge" and service efficiently as its motto.Here kids are trained to be talented treasury of courage and confidence.Our GEMS are shaped in to master of possibilities where the NET result is possiblities bloom in to positives.


Geethanjali is learned Choice: Learners paradise.The wise choise you make today,make your ward come out of the web called frog in the well and take a great sail in the boat of lifes examination with safe landing in the harbour of success. !
Little actions that you do are better than big actions that you plan to do at Geethanjali holistic approach is backed by innovative methodology,mind blogging C.C.A Meditation,Martial Arts to name few.:


GETHANJALI MAKE IT YOUR CHOICE....and see how your child takes off....