TISM tour comments for Brisbane and the Gold Coast, 2002


From: "dan c"  
To: crap@suburbia.com.au
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 03:00:58 +1000
Subject: tism: best gig...in a long, long time

Here is one happy camper with an original, and in tact, sparkly balaclava from the caveat emptour shows.  It took some vicious effort to get it, but let’s just say, the cabby didn’t understand the pissed guy in the silver, padded balaclava.  

For those going to the shows, expect everything you ever hoped for in a TISM show…think country version of defecate, 40 years than death and I drive a truck…oh man…its too good to even speak of.  

In all honesty, more of this show was sequenced/sampled than I have seen before, but it doesn’t matter: from the hanging costumes of the past, to the axing of any filler tracks from the most recent album, TISM have returned to their long standing fans.  

More when I calm down, sober up and return to the ground…  


From: "Tim Herse"  
To: crap@suburbia.com.au
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 10:43:43 +1000
Subject: tism: last night....

Wow-  best gig ever.  Spent an hour with Humph backstage after the gig.  He's a nice bloke. Funny too. There's a fog around my mind today......bloody Mic made me drink 1000 tooheys olds.  


Here's the setlist...  

country version defecate
lets club it to death
morrison hostel
i drive a truck
40 years
i'll aveya

I think I'll do it all again tonight..........

From http://www.lilleystreet.com/comic.asp -

this is serious, mum Saturday, September 21st by the fiend

i went to see tism play on friday night. it's now sunday and i've only just recovered enough to talk about it....

damn but the lads go off in a big, big way.

one of the firt three ticket holders through the door, and i had turned up literally a minute before they opened the doors. it pays to have a pre-paid ticket, and to know how to que up.

once inside, i was at "my spot(tm)(c)" and i never left it my body has been highly trained to never require any form of release while attending a tism gig.. a big hi to everyone who was there with me, right through big nasty(web-less) and six foot hick, the suprisingly not as shit as they could have been support bands.

and then, about tne minutes to midnight the lads finally came on stage. i did dance and bop and groove and emote muchly, occasionally getting out of the way as they bouncers ejected another barrier surfer.

as always, with my slightly biased view, a brilliant show, with the singings and the dancings and the musics, ron hitler barassi went into the crowd a few times, loseing the mask, and the roadies leapt upon him with their emergancy back up masks. the costumes themselves were portaits resting on their shoulders with their own faces(masked, of course, from the cover to tism.wanker.com.au), and on the back of their painting, their names, so you could know was doing what, if they weren't at the microphone.

this was the tism "best of" concert for their "best of" cd. but i'm such a fan boy that everything they've done is the best, if you ask me.

they even did morrison hostel as the gig rant....

the fiend
oh yeah. and austin powers 3? still not as good as the first.

From: SMO (sharpy1@onthenet.com.au)
Subject: Re: TISM shows in Brizo and Gold Coast - any comments?
Newsgroups: aus.music
Date: 2002-09-22 16:14:02 PST

Saw them on Saturday on the Gold Coast. The show was as good as ever, although the crowd size was a touch disappointing. Nothing like the halcyon days of the Playroom where a TISM gig would mean queuing for at least half an hour to get in the venue.

The set list was pretty fuckin' cool. Opening with coutryfied Defecate and closing with the kicking version of Defecate. Morrison Hostel was a hit, and the Crowd participation in Death Death Death Amway Amway Amway is always a highlight.

All in all it was a typically excellent TISM show.

6 Ft Hick opening for them were great as well, although some parts of the crowd didn't take kindly to the bands comments that - "We've played alot of fucking gay bars in our time, but this gay bar is the biggest.......".



Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 23:41:01 +1000 (EST)
From:  "Meg O'Connor"  
To: crap@suburbia.com.au
Subject: tism: new craplister

Hi all Mooky here, (for those southpark freaks yes that is what mooky stands for ). I have joined the list on advice from some crappers i met in at the gold coast gig. My email has already crashed and i've only been on it 2 days. jeez you guys can crap on.

I have been a fan since '98, though had appreciated them for sometime before. my fav song has just changed after hearing Sid Vicous live id have to say that it fucking rocks! Ive only been to 3 gigs so far, however after making friends with Andy the Roadie i ended up backstage with the boys on friday at the gold coast gig. I bought Jonno a drink, Humphrey bummed smokes off me and I was molestered by Jock whilst he signed my shirt. What can i say it was a big weekend.

Have to say hi to Lindsy and Tim, you may remeber me from saturday, real name is Meg was the short one with the pig tails.

Final note, still have imprint of Rons dunlop in the side of my head from the Brisbane gig, should of grabbed his shoe, at least i would have had a trophy.



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