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Review on the JB Hi Fi website
Best off (Retrospective Works 86/02) - TISM

You either love them or wish they were dead. Australia's pub rock answer to The Residents, TISM have been taking not so friendly musical pot shots at those who deserve them most for quite possibly way too long - and here's the proof. From actual classics like "The History Of Western Civilisation" to..well... "Saturday Night Palsy" (say no more there), the one thing this CAN'T be accused of is mediocrity. The first batch comes with a bonus disc (of course it does!) of unreleased demo stuff from way back in the day - listening to which is an 'experience' all in itself. "Madonna is a great artist because she changes her top a lot; DJs are great artists because they decide in what order they'll play someone else's records". On that form then TISM are true poets.

From weblog Virulent Memes
..."I don't have a girlfriend, I buy records instead: Picked up the TISM Best Off thingy, I figure they're one of those bands you really don't want to buy every album off, but all the same, this is worth it; might get a review when RAN kicks off again. The bonus disc is a bit, hmm, intriguing, to say the least - "Yassa Arathin-A-Go-Go" from 1982(!) mutates' Australian Crawl's "Errol" into something quite strange. Just as well they managed to edit some of their ideas by the time they put out "Defecate On My Face" which sounds almost like New Order on mescaline. It's the drum machine and sequencer that does it."

Citysearch Sydney profile for upcoming tour, September 2002
Three things are certain for every band that manages to scrape past the five-album mark: death, taxes and a Greatest Hits compilation. The rule applies even to iconoclastic rock renegades, TISM. Best Off hauls them back on the road for a shameless cash-in tour.

Australian rock's balaclava-clad mystery men have been slamming out their brutal techno-satire for 12 years now, so there's a decent collection of bona fide classics to make up for all that once topical, now dated, album filler. Their debut single "Defecate On My Face" has been remixed by kindred spirits Machine Gun Fellatio. Other old faves certain to nab a guernsey are "(He'll Never Be An) Ol' Man River" and "Greg! The Stop Sign!!".

Their song titles may be the best thing about TISM, but behind all the cloak and dagger nonsense, Humphrey B Flaubert, Ron Hitler Barassi and associates are savage social commentators who never fail to put on a spectacular show.
Michael Dwyer, Fairfax f2

Going back a bit now... review from musicmedia zine
TISM "Whatareya" single Shock label
The novelty continues with another controversial excursion of deep-seated sarcasm from TISM. Their individual anthemic type songs remain unique in today’s music and the wily chorus is typical of their make-up. The b-side is an interesting censored version of the a-side and there is the now-expected poetic overture.
Carmine Pascuzzi

Review, Frisbee zine, August 1998 or so
TISM www.tism.wanker.com
The song titles are all right but in the end TISM are a one joke band that have been going now for eleven years. TISM are a combination of poo humor and schoolboy satire. Lacking any sense of depth and subtlety, TISM's ultra-sarcastic witticisms only manage to show how pathetically unfunny they remain as characters. They have wit that licks the dust. One star out of five, pass the aircraft vomit bag.
Ron Hitler Barassi


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