Jung Talent Time review, Resistant Harmony #7, 1996

I remember seeing TISM when their "Defecate On My Face" single was around at the Eureka Hotel on the corner of Church and Victoria St's in Richmond before it was a theme bistro (it's now called Hunchbax - Ms .45) and I thought they were fun, stoopid and highly entertaining... add to that quite a few shows afterwards at the Old Greek Theatre, The Club, etc etc... when their songs were half decent and you were in for a nite's laugh, with an unpredictable outcome. TISM 1995 is totally another story! Seemly bled dry of any good ideas of worth and a bad taste in backing music, they've become very staid, dull and perfect 3JJJ fodder for the new breed to lap up and christen 'radical'. This new piece of shit ep is 8 versions of the same droll song that is probably their worst endeavour to date & on the strength of that - this is one person who will NOT be checking out their latest full length release... and NO i do not own a copy of this ep.

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