TISM tour comments for Sydney, 2002


From: "Anton Trees"
To: crap@suburbia.com.au
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 01:00:04 +1000
Subject: tism: Metro 04/10/02

Fuckin' rock mate. Fuckin' rock. Predictable opening, but it sums up a TISM gig nicely. Tonite was very good. A slightly depleted crap-list meeting at the RSL, but nonetheless one full of top blokes (and Owen's very cool ex-girlfriend [?] Becky). Mitch was there. Steve/Orange Thing was there. Justin from Melbourne was there. Owensey was there (surprising really, as he hates TISM). Coxy was there. Mic from Coffs Harbour turned up as we were leaving and we said hi (seems like a top bloke from the couple of words I said to him). I don't know how I could, but inevitably I've forgotten someone (keep in mind we saw Paul Mac, Vaughan, Emma [Coxy's Girlfriend], Michael [Seymour Butts], Mic/Fleur and inevitably others I've forgotten once again). No signs of Rob McInnes (Chumpy) nor Ryan.

Good gig. Same set as last Friday apparently. Defecate Country Version is a fucking genius opener. Ron was in very fine form, getting in to the crowd within a few seconds and running around. He also kept stealing a security guy's beanie (the same security guard that JSP passionately mouthed 'fuck you' and gave both fingers to). Overall a top gig, not the best (Homebake '02 was in my relatively limited experience). Fucked all over the Metro gig last year, which was shit. I'd say tomorrow nite will be even better. Can't wait. My love of TISM has, unsurprisingly, been rekindled.

The Crappers up the front went backstage briefly, saw the guys un-masked (who would have guessed what they looked like? Not me. I know I shouldn't be surprised at their de-masked state, but I was. Not a bad-looking bunch of blokes really!). Met a High Court Prosecutor named Hugh who will hopefully join the list too. He's been a fan since '85. His mate was a good bloke too, but I've forgotten his name unfortunately. Then we headed home. Liked it. A very good nite out.


From: "Tim Herse"  
To: crap@suburbia.com.au
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 09:01:28 +1000
Subject: tism: innuendo....



Fuck-   how good is the intro song ?  


From: "Mitch Nicholls"
To: crap@suburbia.com.au
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 13:36:36 +1000
Subject: tism: Re: Metro 04/10/02

Fucken Rock indeed.

Much better than last year, Ron getting in some crowd involvment in the very first song. Beats having them tired and hungover like last year. A lot of crappers didn't show up at the Rissole, then us crappers assumed the position front and centre of the stage, and didn't move for the rest of the night. The bad thing about being right up front means you miss getting caught up in the scrabble for the old uniforms, unless you get coat-hangered like I did by the white foam guy with the tassles! As Anton said it was the same setlist as last week, in fact I have it right in front of me(thanks to owen for giving me the other half!), but can't be fucked writing it out as it was written last week.

That security guard who lost the beanie was a goose anyway. It was quite funny watching his facial expressions when ron jumped on the fence again, this time with the beanie on his head. The poor fella thought he would never see it again.

The backstage experience was, well...cramped. The backstage bit at the Metro was as big as a bedroom, so not much room to move, but it was good yet also odd to see TISM unmasked. The strange thing is that when they don't have the masks on you don't want to talk to them. It was also my first interaction with Humph, who does think that it was crazy that the Defecate single sold for $400 the other day. He agreed that it would be time to sell out and cash in on the gravy train that is rare TISM stuff.

Now it is time to back up and do it all again. Tonight should be better, the last TISM show of the tour. I wonder if they'll pull out any surprises. I still think that Aussiemandias would be the song of the moment at this present time in the world. I'll see you Sydney crappers later on.


To: thecraplist@yahoogroups.com
From:  "Shane Wilson"
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2002 12:59:01 +1000 (EST)
Subject: [thecraplist] what it means to be a TISM fan

At Friday's concert, they did the usual thing and threw their old uniforms into the audience during their second take of defecate. The guy next to me fought for the one that landed near us...and he fought hard. No one was going to get it off him. After about 30 seconds, everyone else gave up and he stood up with a satisfied smile on his face. Then he just threw the uniform over his shoulder back into the crowd.

From: "Justin !!!!!"  
To: crap@suburbia.com.au
Date: Mon, 07 Oct 2002 17:48:51 +1000
Subject: tism: tism in sydney

Anyone who didnt go to sydney cos they "couldnt afford it" or "couldnt be bothered" ... you missed out!

Got back from sydney sat night and the whole way home i kept thinking about two fantastic nights

1. Eugene crowd surfing
2. Owen and I doing the "Eugene" chant!
3. Ron moshing with us
4. Hearing Country defecate again...and again!
5. catching the train at 2am and listening to the Sydney hobo's behind us crap on about punching on
6.Seeing the fella from the drugs break his ankle..and then the lead singer jump on him
7. playing pool and listening to TISM with owen..."Yes sir i can boogie...boogie woogie"

Oh yeah...and we had drinks with the band after each gig.

Have a good one guys!

PS thanks for letting me stay owen!


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