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8/5/00---My site is finally up!!! Look for this site to soon be http://www.gamesultra.com. I will soon have all of the games up, but I have to make some sub-directories. The chat room is also working.

There will eventually be buttons and advertisments on this page, so if you want to place an advertisment on my site, email me
If you think you have a really good game, and would like to contribute it, please email me with the source attached as a text file.
If you submit a game, you will be put up in the special thanks page, and I will display your banner on my web site.
Also, you need a Java Script and Java Applet enabled browser to view this web site.
On the nav menu to the right, there is an asteric by each game. Aseric on the left means Java applet, and arestic on the right means Java script.

Specail Thanks
Also, if you want to visit my crappy and unfinished web site, go here .