Fish, cat, dog... Random wardrobe stuff... more random wall stuff..

I think that a lot about someone's personality or their character can be shown through how their room is set up and what they have. Basically, this is mine. On this side of the photo is a window looking out over a valley. The door is on the side with the mirror. Anyway! That's my room. I'll explain it a bit.

The little stuffed border collie there barks- he was sent to me while I was in France. The beanbags and cushions down the bottom was my thinking area for a while, but I kinda got sick of it...Up the top of those shelves (missed out, unrtunately) is a Pinyata- he was a birthday present and he's really colourful. He's wearing a laio, which was part of a present. There's my polar bear "Limpy" which I got in France, and the clock was a beautiful christmas present from my Aunt, a few months before she died, so it's special.

My fish are on my bedside table- their tank is a vase from the reject shop which my bro got me for christmas after we got the same setup for a friend for his birthday present. I have 2 gold fish- Jazz and Alfred. They're awesome and they're loving their new tank. Click on the tank to go to pictures of them and my animals (like you care and all)

Click on the wardrobe door with all the stuff on it. I know it mightn't look like much, but that and my poster wall have so much awesome random crap. Like, it's a whole year's worth of cutting out or printing everything random I could find. I finally filled up all the space on it today, and so I had to move some random stuff over to the coloured posters which used to just be photos and my work etc... So click on either of those and get more detailed pictures of some of the stuff I have up there...

Anyway. The photo is in two halves- kinda shotty quality, but you know.