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The following pages are an index of names found in the Christian Guardian Newspaper. The Christian Guardian was a Methodist newspaper based in Toronto Ontario which ran from the 1830s to 1925. It was not a regular paper which covered the news, but rather one that focused on church issues from Methodist parishes across Canada.

The names in this index are mostly from birth, marriage and death notices, however there are a few names from Golden and Diamond Wedding announcements. The names are also not solely from Ontario as the Christian Guardian covered all of its followers in Canada...there are names from almost every province as well as some from the United States and China (many missionary families are mentioned).

If you would like to help with this project, email me. I have made copies of many of the pages and just need people to assist with typing the information into a word document which I could then upload to the site. It would definately make the process go a lot faster.

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Jan 1922Feb 1922Mar 1922Apr 1922May 1922Jun 1922Jul 1922Aug 1922Sep 1922 Oct 1922Nov 1922Dec 1922
Jan 1923Feb 1923Mar 1923 Apr 1923 May 1923Jun 1923 Jul 1923Aug 1923 Sept 1923 Oct 1923Nov 1923Dec 1923
Jan 1924Feb 1924Mar 1924Apr 1924May 1924Jun 1924Jul 1924Aug 1924
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Feb 1925Mar 1925Apr 1925May 1925Jun 1925

Submissions by volunteers (1851-1860)

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