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my dad

The Baker

Tina M. Musso
my dad
For William D. Musso 1929 - 1996
My Father was a man most people liked to meet.
Neither tall nor skinny, just kind, funny and sweet.
He was a tech by trade, but a farmer at Heart.
At home in the kitchen, He loved the baker's Art.
Jesus must have needed an Angel Food Maker,
So he called home the World's Best Devil's Food Baker.
His wooden spoon has fallen, I took it up this year.
If my Fudge is salty, I just seasoned with a Tear.
Today we talk of Grandpa And his enduring love,
Cooking Children Grandma, And our good Lord above.
He is gone Forever, until that Trump does Shout.
Things we did together, I will teach my Kids about.
His Worries are at ease, with burdens laid to Rest.
He will watch over us in Peace and Happiness.
Quiet man in Heaven, just waiting patiently.
Will I recognize him, Now that he's Six Foot Three?

Dedicated to my children,
who will only get to know my Dad through the stories they'll hear.
Fun is in the telling, with laughter joy and tears.
I will miss you greatly.

Tina Marie Musso 4/11/96

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