Welcome to 'LIPS', dedicated to the side story bit character of Rumiko Takahashi's series, 'Inuyasha'. Who deserves our love because, dude. He's LIPS!

Lips appears in chapter 358, part of a two-chapter side story in which the Inu-tachi looks for a medicine vendor who has an 'antidote that can cure all', after Miroku took in the poison of a saimyoushou ('poison wasp') during a fight against Naraku. The only things they know about him is that no one knows when he'll show up, and that he's handsome.

Lips' wife was bitten by the medicine vendor, after SHE was bitten by a snake. The Inu-tachi come across her, and she tells them she can not remember what had happened afterward. She was happily married to Lips for years, but once she returned after her meeting with the medicine vendor she would sigh and mope around.

The medicine vendor is particularly bad at being a bad guy. He spends most of the time getting hit over the head, getting teary-eyed, and sparkling. He is under the curse of a youkai, and if he sucks the blood of an ideal woman he will return to his true form. Which is why he'd been snacking on the village woman. He finally sucks Sango's blood and becomes.. a mosquito.

And the medicine doesn't work, after all.


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