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I'm here to show the wonderful world of Roger Keith 'Syd' Barrett. For any of the uninitiated he became famous for being the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for Pink Floyd from 1965 to 1968.

Commonly known as 'Syd' during his time with the band, he was the person responsible for most of the lyrics on Floyd's first album Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Many would say he was responsible for whole "Pink Floyd" style. Floyd themselves wrote a song in recognition to him many years later, which they entitled Shine on You Crazy Diamond. Due to this Syd will forever be known as a "Crazy Diamond" and he shall shine on in thier hearts forever.

Syd went on to have a successful solo career before withdrawing from the spotlight and becoming close to a recluse. Shunning opportunities to work with many other famous musicians and multiple offers to make TV appearances, he now has an almost mythical status amongst his many fans.

With this site I will try to give as much information as I can on Syd's solo career as well as his work with Pink Floyd and try to detail some of the movements of Syd after leaving Pink Floyd up until his death in 2006. I will try to give a comprehensive list of each solo album and song giving release dates and production information wherever possible. I will also give a full list of each song he wrote whilst still with Pink Floyd.

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NOTE: The site was taken off-line the day after Syd's death for a complete overhaul. I dont have much time on my hands at the moment so this may take some time. Please check back to see the updates soon. Please note that the design is currently being developed and you may find that this page displays displays differently in some browsers and due to development can look better or worse from day to day. I will try to get the site back up and running soon.