This is my blues story

(still under development)


When I was high school kid, I heard Lightnin Hopkins through radio.
I was so surprised with his song. At that time most of record store doesn't have "blues" in Japan so I could not find any one.
I eagered to hear "blues" but could not.
Same time some of my friends were fan for jazz music and I joined this group.
It was my start to become jazz fan and is about 30 years ago.

Book for blues trip

Little later, first blues magazine was published which was "The Blues" and blues became little boom.
I collected several blues record, mainly Lightnin Hopkins.
But I was already jazz fan more than blues.
This magazine's owner and chief editor wrote some books for blues. One was about his blues trip story.
I was very much interested in his blues trip.

Blues Trip

I had a very good chance to be in States for two years from 1987 at Lexington, Kentucky.
First year I had to spend most of my time to become familer to US life and next year, 1988, I became much traveled person. Since my assignment was specified as just two years and I wanted to visit much place and cites.
At AAA travel guide book, I found Delta Blues Festival at Greenville, Miss.
I called many to get information and hotel. But I could not decide to go until a few days before the festival, since the timing was very bad for my project.
Finally I decided to go four or three days before it.
And it was very good timing, since hurricane Jason(?) was there.It was largest hurricane the year.
I didn't think we were in it since TV told us it was in Frolida and we were going Mississippi.
So we decided to go, even no reservation for hotel.

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