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Yin and Yang
Was Never So Much Fun

Last updated on January 23rd, 1997

Japanese Production Credits

  • Based on the Comic by Rumiko Takahashi (Published by Viz Comics)
  • Producer Hidenori Taga
  • Series Director Tomomitsu Mochizuki
  • Music Eiji Mori
  • Character Design Atsuko Nakajima
  • Director of Photography Mitsunobu Yoshida
  • Director Tsutomu Shibayama
  • Produced By Fuji TV and Kitty Film

English Production Credits

  • Producer Seiji Horibuchi
  • Associate Producer Satoru Fujii
  • Production Coordinators Toshifumi Yoshida and Trish Ledoux
  • Translation Toshifumi Yoshida
  • English Screenplay and Lyrics Trish Ledoux
  • Art Direction and Package Design Yoshiuki Higuchi
  • Viz Video Logo Animation Will Culpepper II
  • English Dubbing and Post Production Ocean Studios

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  • Graphics by : Chris Chen

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