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Thank you for visiting my page dedicated to Vivian (Wai-Man) Chow, a Chinese singer and actress. From reading the Usenet newsgroups soc.culture.hongkong.entertainment and alt.asian-movies, I found that not everyone is as enamored by her as I had previously thought. There were many other singers, both male and female, that were on other peoples' top singers list. However, Vivian has been entertaining us for over a decade with her songs and films. She may not be the absolute favorite pop star of everyone, but her continuing popularity cannot be denied. She still continues to release music and make public appearances, including small concerts, so her fame is not just based on previous works. The fact that she is the Hong Kong star with the most web pages speaks for itself. Even the people she works with everyday, the familiar faces who can see Vivian behind the scenes -- how she really is -- still agree that she is continues to be a very charming person in front of as well as away from her fans. In fact, here are some people's opinion of her. She remains as innocent and warm-hearted now as she was ten years ago when she first began captivating her audience. Now, she has an enormous following as her music continues to win fans across many countries.

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