Best of Friends
"The One With The Author"
Jae-Ha Kim is the pop-culture reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times and Fox News Chicago. A New York Times bestselling author, Kim received her B.A. from the University of Chicago and her M.S. from Northwestern University, which Friends star David Schwimmer also attended. In a perfect world, she would meet a man who has Chandler's wit, Joey's looks and Ross' kind heart. She would settle for Keanu Reeves.
Best of Friends, by Jae-Ha Kim
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Jae-Ha Kim

"The One With The Pitch"

"The One With The Prologue"


Rachel Green........(Jennifer Aniston) 
Ross Geller...........(David Schwimmer) 
Phoebe Buffay.......(Lisa Kudrow) 
Joey Tribbiani.......(Matt LeBlanc) 
Chandler Bing.......(Matthew Perry) 
Monica Geller.......(Courteney Cox) 

Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher gives "Best of Friends" a quick skim backstage at Chicago's Aragon Ballroom. Noel Gallagher A "Friends" fan, Gallagher admits he's partial to Jennifer Aniston. The author admits she's partial to him. 

"The One With The Loopy Lingo"

Always happy to return to Chicago 
--his home away from home--
David Schwimmer looks pleased after "caroling" 
to the animals at Lincoln Park Zoo.
There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that 
Marcel (the feces-throwing monkey) was in attendance.

"The One With The Quiz"

Think you know your Friends? Think again...
  1. Which Friend appeared as Eve's unwilling, handcuffed love slave on "Larroquette"?
  2. What was the name of Monica's and Ross' childhood dog?

  3. (a) Spot.
    (b) Julio.
    (c) Chichi.
  4. Which of Joey's sisters has a restraining order on them?
  5. What's the name of the softball team that the Friends finally beat?

  6. (a) Hasidic Jewelers.
    (b) Central Perk Sluggers.
    (c) New York Wenus.
  7. How does Monica guestimate the size of men's penises?
  8. Where did the Rembrandts shoot their video for the "Friends" theme song "I'll Be There For You"?
  9. How much did Rachel's parents spend on her wedding to Barry?
  10. Which Friend got bit by a peacock at the zoo?
  11. Ross sees a framed picture of Carol and Susan with their friend Tanya. Which celebrity does he mistake Tanya for?

  12. (a) k.d. lang.
    (b) Huey Lewis.
    (c) Florence Henderson.
  13. What was the name of Chandler's roommate before Joey?

  14. (a) Angela.
    (b) Kip.
    (c) Brad.
  15. How old was Chandler when his parents divorced?
  16. How did Ross end up majoring in paleontology in college?

  17. (a) On a dare.
    (b) Based on an aptitude test.
    (c) Carol was majoring in paleontology.
  18. What does Rachel call Chandler when he's smug?

  19. (a) Sarcastic Boy.
    (b) Smirky.
    (c) Kicky.
  20. The Friends live in what part of New York?

  21. (a) Brooklyn.
    (b) Tribeca.
    (c) Greenwich Village.
  22. What is Ross' "nickname" for Paolo?
  23. Matthew Perry played Tracy Gold's boyfriend on "Growing Pains." What was his character's name?

  24. (a) Sandy.
    (b) Ben.
    (c) Robin.
  25. Who is the only cast member who doesn't smoke?
  26. On what sitcom did Matthew Perry make his TV debut?

  27. (a) "Boys Will Be Boys."
    (b) "Second Chance."
    (c) "Charles In Charge."
  28. Which female Friend was hired and then fired to play Roz on the pilot for "Frazier"?
  29. After co-hosting the "1995 MTV Movie Awards," which celebrity was Courteney Cox linked with (who ended up guest starring on the show during the second season)?

  30. (a) Chris Isaak.
    (b) Val Kilmer.
    (c) Jim Carrey.
  31. Ugly Naked Guy has a pair of gravity boots.

  32. True. False.
  33. Joey takes classes at NYU.

  34. True. False.

QUIZARAMA answers:

  1. Matthew Perry. He played Steven.
  2. (c) Chichi.
  3. Joey's little sister Tina's husband puts a restraining order on her. Why? We don't know.
  4. (a) Hasidic Jewelers.
  5. The distance from the tip of a guy's thumb to the tip of his index finger.
  6. NBC's studio 8H in New York City, where "Saturday Night Live" tapes its shows.
  7. $40,000.
  8. Chandler.
  9. (b) Huey Lewis.
  10. (b) Kip.
  11. 9.
  12. (a) On a dare.
  13. (b) Smirky.
  14. (c) Greenwich Village.
  15. Ross calls Paolo "Rigatoni."
  16. (a) Sandy.
  17. David Schwimmer.
  18. (c) "Charles In Charge."
  19. Lisa Kudrow.
  20. (a) Chris Isaak. He denies it.
  21. True.
  22. False. Joey participates in a fertility study at NYU Med School.

"The One With the Factoids"


Ross and Rachel do their first load of laundry together at Launderama. 
Chandler's preferred Thanksgiving meal is tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches and a large bag of Funions. 
Ross lent Carol a skull for one of her classes. 
Susan and Carol refer to Ross as Bobo the Sperm Guy when they talk to their unborn child. 
Rachel's former boss at Central Perk is named Terry. 
By their sixth date, Paolo had given names to both of Rachel's breasts. 
Monica once threw a plate after losing a game of Pictionary. 
Ursula stole Phoebe's boyfriend Randy Brown. 
The Bobcats were the mascot of Rachel, Monica and Ross' high school. 
Chandler's secretary's had breast reduction surgery on just one breast.

"The One With The Release Date"

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