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Welcome to my homepage. This page is composed of links I have found on the web. My main interest in going on the Web is to visit anime pages and gather anime information and look at nifty anime graphics. For those who don't know, anime is Japanese animation. Click here for more information on what anime is.

Pretty Madoka-san!

As you can see, one of my favorite anime series is Kimagure Orange Road, and my favorite anime character is Ayukawa Madoka, the lead female character in that series. Orange Road is the best! Want to know why it is the best? Check out the testimonials given by me and all these other hard KOR fans ^_^

Click on Madoka to see another great picture of this anime beauty! Click on "Kimagure Orange Road" for series information.
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This page was last updated on November 20th, 1998.
I will put up a "what's new" section if people request it. I resist inserting little pictures that say "new".

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first, a little editorial comment from your host:
The X Movie was the BEST and most mind-blowing anime I've ever seen-

now, back to the browsing....


At last- a mangazine containing manga (Japanese comics) translated in ENGLISH! Made with a stack of rough newsprint paper, just like the Japanese ones. Support English translated manga by subscribing today!

MixxZine is a mixed mangazine with both shoujou (girls') and shounen (boys') manga stories. The mangas currently serialized in MixxZine are:

Can a clutsy crybaby become the Savior of the Universe?

Three girls must become the legendary Magic Knights and save the world of Cefiro from total destruction.

Feeling something crawling beneath your skin? You are dead.

Ice Blade
Killers are only criminals to be dealt with. If only everything is that simple.

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SDKOR Final Movie: I Don't Want to Return to those Days
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he? nani sore? too whimsical nan desu ka, Hikaru-chan?         too indecisive daaaaling!!... hontou desuka!? blinded by love

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