Thalivar Address To TN People

Rajinikanth returned from US a couple of days ago, after a 40-day trip to US. On SUN TV, he expressed his views about the coming elections. Excerpts of his announcement:


22 Apr 1996


God has made me to enter politics, though I am not a politician. It is a new experience for me. I have name and fame, money and seen half of the world. Now, I have a chance to taste politics also. I don't have any personal misunderstanding with sister Jayalalitha(JJ). When Ms. Jayalalitha (JJ) came to power, I expected a lot from her. People of TN also expected too much. I was very much disappointed about their rule. First, I tried to form an alliance between MGR front and Congress. But it didn't come through. You all know I met PV Narashima Rao (PVN) three times regarding this. I explained him the corrupt rule of TN government. When I left for US, I believed that Congress and DMK would form an alliance. Or, Congress would stand alone in the election. But the story was different.

[Swami Dhayananda Saraswathi's request]

When I was in the US, Swami Dhayananda Saraswathi's asked me to convince PVN to form an alliance between Congress (I) and DMK to save Tamilnadu. Hence, I contacted PVN over phone from to convey swamiji's message and I told him that I would be in India a week before the election to support this alliance. PVN informed me that he couldn't make the decision by himself and it would be taken by the Congress committee. The next day I was really shocked to know that AIADMK-Congress alliance was formed. You all know how this happened. I don't have to elaborate on this.

[Role in Alliance]

I didn't play a big role in forming DMK-TMC alliance. Two big giants Mr. Karunanidhi (K) and Mr. Moopanar (M) must be thanked for this. All I requested was to somehow form the alliance. Mr. K really brought about this alliance. He was very generous to offer 40-20 seats to TMC.

[Mr. Moopanar]

Mr. M is a king maker. I need not tell anything about him. He made Indira Gandhi, Rajive as PMs. He was the man behind for PVN to become PM.

[Mr. P. Chidambaram]

For the present economic conditions, Manmohan singh(MS) is the man behind. P. Chidambaram also played as big a role as that of MS.


PVN is a seasoned politician. But all I can state is bad time has started for PVN. It started right from the time he announced this alliance. Whole world knows about JJ's Corrupt government. Even after this, PVN has aligned with JJ. I don't have to say what people think of it.

[Tamil Maanila Congress]

In Just 25 days, Mr. Moopanar, P. Chidambaram and Arunachalam formed TMC. I must congratulate them for this achievement. I must thank Mr. Shesan for giving them the bicycle symbol. Cycle symbol is a luckiest one.

[Wont Karunanidhi Make Mistakes if reelected]

To err is human. An intelligent man learns from his past mistakes. You all know how intelligent Mr.K is. DMK government came to power after 13 years. It was in power for only two years. We cant judge from a 2-year-old government . I believe DMK-TMC will bring a good rule to Tamilnadu. You would see a better government from Mr. K. I said earlier "only God could save Tamilnadu". Now, I see you all as God. God has formed this alliance.

[Cho's Remark about Mr.K]

I am sorry to disagree with Mr. Cho. He says Mr. K is over-confident. He (Mr.K) neglected other parties when forming alliance. I say he is over-cautious. Doesn't it reflect the intelligence of Mr. K? They (other parties) may be good for electrol alliance. What about tomorrow ?

[Treatment to a fellow minister by Jayalalitha]

Tears rolled down my eyes when I watched Navalar Standing quietly at a corner when Jayalalitha was speaking at a campaign meeting. Fortunately, she didn't make PVN to stand like this when they campaigned together, My God!

[Karunanidhi's Gesture]

When I returned from the US, I understand that Karunanidhi has instructed his partymen to protect his younger brother (me) from even a single nail scratch, even though acid may be thrown upon him (K). I really thank my anna Mr. K for this kind gesture.

[Power of Votes]

I will tell you a story. Dhrunachariar, to test his pupils' skill, asked them to shoot down a eagle sitting on a tree using Bhramastram. Bhramastram can be used only once. He asked each one of them what they saw. First one said he could see the tree and the eagle; second said he could see the eagle and the branch of the tree; third said he could see the eagle's head, tail etc. ... and the last one said he could see nothing but the eagle's neck. So said Dhrunachariar to shoot the eagle. He was the great Arjuna. Now votes are like astram. ie Bhramastram. DMK-TMC alliance is like Arjuna. People of Tamilnadu should give Bhramastram to this alliance.

[Election Revolution]

Nobody has good hearts like people of TN. You gave absolute majority to the sitting government. After 5 years of misrule, I believe you will throw away this government. Indian Independence Movement came down from North. Now we need another freedom movement. Then it started from Himalayas. Now, it is from Kumari. Polictical revolution has started from South. Tamilnadu people are not allowing the sitting corrupt MLAs to enter their constituencies. This political revolution is spoken all over India. This is really fantastic! DMK-TMC will certainly do good for the people of Tamilnadu especially for poor. Money cant buy TN people. Don't get Rs. 10 or 50. Demand Rs. 500 or 1000. Because it is all your money. But vote for the right people. Ladies, make a revolution ! Mr. K will give you a revolutionary government.

Don't give importance to me. I told JJ also not to give me importance. Not to make me a big man. But you all know what happened. How I was brought to the limelight. I know you people will make good decision. Long Live Tamilnadu, the people of Tamilnadu.

Jai Hind!

Thank You


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