Sukumar's Resume

                      Sukumar Gopalakrishnan


4 years of UNIX systems programming experience in developing,enhancing
maintaining, porting and testing UNIX systems,networking and application
software. Strong experience in developing network applications, system 
utilities and tools and test plan and test suite development. Very 
proficient in C and shell programming; UNIX systems programming using
multiple processes,shared memory,semaphores,pipes,signals and TCP/IP 
sockets and UNIX desktop and development environments. Multiple UNIX
platform experience includes HP-UX, Solaris and DEC UNIX. Good under
standing of client/server architecture. Highly motivated,results oriented
team player.

HARDWARE     : HP 9000, DEC ALPHA, Sun SPARC station, Intel 486/586 PC

LANGUAGES    : C, Shell programming, HTML

UNIX systems : Signals,Pipes,Shared Memory,Semaphore,TCP/IP sockets, RPC

Operating    : UNIX ( HP-UX, DEC OSF/1,Solaris )

Tools        : Q4, XDB, GDB

EDUCATION    : B.S., Computer Science
               Mookambigai College of Engineering, Trichy,India, 1994


7/98 - present: Sun MicroSystems Ltd, Menlo Park,CA
Part of Sun Complier testing group responsible for testing the SUN's workshop
product which includes dbx debugger, Fortran, Pascal, C, and C++ compiler. 
Each test has automated test suites runs in the foreground and test the all
features in the product. Hydra test also conducted against the kernel.

4/98 - 6/98   : HEWLETT-PACKARD,Cupertino,CA

Part of the HP kernel group responsible for maintaining,enhancing and testing 
HP's fault tolerant storage systems product called Logical Volume Manager 
(LVM). This group fixes the defects and do the enhancing work requested by
the customer. Handled various module of this product, LVM commands code,LVM 
kernel code, Shared LVM code and Mirror Product of LVM. we used the various 
HP tools and utilities in this product such as Q4 ( HP's kernel debugger), 
DTS ( HP's defects tracking system), CHART ( Web based Change Request Tracker).
The above product was tested in HP 700/800 platforms.

4/97 - 3/98  : Solution Soft Systems,Santa Clara,CA
               HEWLETT-PACKARD Channel Partner
Developed test plan and test suite for a product called Compression Storage 
Manager (CSM). This will be compressing and decompressing a file automatically
when ever user requests for file operations. Test suite developed in 'C' tests
various file operations like file open,read,close,rename,link and unlink 
concurrently on a file. Test suite also handles multiple files concurrently and
verifies the content of the decompressed file against the uncompressed reference
file. The above software involved strong UNIX multi processing skills and it was
developed in 'C' on HP-UX 9000 platform.

12/95 - 3/97  : HEWLETT-PACKARD, India

Part of the HP Networking Products Group responsible for maintaining and 
enhancing HP's network applications,protocol, and systems software for the 
HP UX operating systems. Development is on an HP workstation model 9000/ 800 
in C. Projects and accomplishments include:

  *) Ported the X.500 Network Directory Services from HP UX 9.0 to 10.0. Work
involved handling file and directory structure changes. Also certified the port 
by developing shell scripts to populate and validate site changes.

  *) Maintained and enhanced HP's File Transfer Protocol(FTP) for transferring 
huge files on wide area networks. FTP allows file transfers to restart from any
point of abortion with support of a background daemon which spawns a separate 
process for each ftp session.The daemon sub-process manages the connection to 
the client program and the destination daemon,sends and receives data one block
at a time,and records each data block transfer in a Crash Recovery Table.

  *) Developed a test plan and test suites in C to test HP's security features 
of HP's CMW secure UNIX implementation. Developed the programs utilizing the 
security system calls.

7/95 - 12/95 : Advanced Synergic Microsystems,India.
               Software Engineer

Part of a small team responsible for design and developing a Uninterrupt Power 
Supply ( UPS) monitoring system for UNIX networks.  The UPS monitoring system 
consists of a daemon which gets the status of a UPS such as the frequency,I/O
voltage, I/O current,etc over an RS 23s C connection and stores the information
in shared memory. The user interface based in curses, get the data from the 
shared memory and displays it on the screen. Designed and developed server
daemon program,client program and user interface. Development was on an HP 9000
workstation model 800 running HP UX using C. Made use of TCP/IP and UNIX IPC 
mechanisms such as shared memory and semaphores.

6/94 - 7/95 : Digicon India Pvt Ltd, India.
              Software Engineer.

Designed and developed a remote file transfer program over telephone line using
XMODEM protocol. Responsible for modem based server daemon program. Development 
was on a DEC ALPHA workstation running OSF/1 using C. 


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