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Sound healers

CLARK, Diane
MASSEY, Alexander at Free Your Voice.


"BEAT THAT!": music-making for everyone, run by Bobbie Stormont and Hilary Wainer.
FREE YOUR VOICE run by Alexander Massey.
Healing Voice (The), hosted by Jill Purce.
Mozart Effect® Resource Center (The), hosted by Don Campbell.
Skyros Holistic Vacations - Main page
SoulSongs: Centre for Sound Healing, hosted by Shulamit.
Sound Healers Association, hosted by Jonathan Goldman.
Sounds Wonderful - The Healing Power of Sound, hosted by Chris James.



Dennis Lewis writes well on this topic, including a book called 'The Tao of Breathing'. You can subscribe to his free newsletter on breathing.

Sound and Healing Resources Good stuff.
Sound and Healing Resources 2 Links to more sites. Well worth a look.
Spirit and Sound Web Site, hosted by David Gordon. An excellent site with bibliography, articles, and web resources.

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