ok lets do some sorting, we're gonna start by image gallery pages!

  1. The Bubblegum Crisis Images Index

  2. The Ah! My Goddess Gallery Page

  3. The Gundam Project Illustrations

  4. MaisonIkkoku images resource

  5. The Anything Goes Art Gallery

  6. AKIRA The picture archive

  7. FTP Site For Ranma Pics

  8. The Dominion Gallery

  9. The Anime Archives

Ok! hen omes some pics I grabbed in various Usenet groups or that I scanned myself If you see some of them on another web page and it is theirs or if you see one of your pic here and would want me to remove it or give you credit, drop me an email once again!

  • group pic from Tenkuu no Escaflowne

  • I`ll be glad to post anyone's who so desires fan art on my page, just ring me by email we'll check it out!