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System Requirements:
1. Win95/98/NT
2. Active Desktop Enabled

1.  Calendar with Monthly Images and
    background texture
2.  Jump to any year you want
3.  Jump to any month you want
4.  Zodiac with detailed information 
    for everyday!
5.  Chinese New Year Information for
    the year 1900-2103
6.  General public holidays available
    on each month
7,  Personal message storable on each day
8.  Monthly image and background
    texture customerizable 
9.  Any color on the calendar is 
    customerizable, a builtin color picker
    is available.
10. Special lake effects.
11. Auto-detect local setting for the first
    day of the week, also customerizable.
12. Week number is available now.

For details, bring focus to calendar by clicking on it, 
    then press h or H. That's your help :)
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Generate your own JavaScript Calendar for this month.
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