love is

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What you find here is just
what I think what love is,
and what I think love is
about, bring me your
thought and understanding
and I will enrich the meaning of
love with your idea.

  • Love is... What you see when you read LA times under Love is... (I like it very much, can someone tell me where to buy the collections of the cartoons?
  • Love is... To the world you are only someone, but to someone, you are the world.
  • Love is... You can feel it, but you cannot tell it.
  • Love is... Loyalty to your heart. If love is there, you know it. If it isn't, it is very important not to manufacture it because that kind of imitation and mutilation of your Self never works in the long run.
  • Love is... If you love someone, set her/him free. If s/he comes back, s/he's yours. If s/he does not, s/he never was.
  • Love is... You feel love is sweet, it's only part of it, you feel love is bitter, it's only part of it,...but never try to learn ALL about love, because that's the time when you lost it.
  • Love is... Like a rubber band, you feel nothing when you have it in hand, you feel the power when you pull it apart, but the strength won't keep the same for long, and don't pull it apart too much, it'll break and it hurts to one side.
  • Love is... Like expressed in a song:
      I get lost deep in your eyes,
      and I feel my spirits rise,
      just like the air floating with the wind,
      is this the love that I am in?

      I get weak just in a glanse,
      is this some kind of romance?
      and now I know 'cause when I am lost
      I just cannot simply get it pass

  • Love is...caring, missing, wherever you are, whenever you are, whatever you experience, you want to share the best with someone, you are in love.
  • Love share, not to give.
  • Love abstract thing to figure, it can just be felt, from the heart , which never lies to you.... Thanks Lydia Chu
  • Love is...

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