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Dear Reader,

Hi! It's nice that you want to know stuff about me and all, but 
the truth is, there isn't all that much to know... I mean... that
I can say.  My name is Sarah, and I love Salsa.  What else is there?
Well, I am 13.  I will be 14 on 2/19/97, just in case I am too lazy 
to update this by then, or forget, so when you read this, I just 
might be 14!  Yes, I am young for 9th Grade, and many of my friends 
are going to be driving soon, but this is hardly a sacrifice to be 
the class of 2,000.  Oh, yeah!  

     Anyway, ummmm... yes, I did skip a grade... Second grade...  
I am in honors, no, I am not a nerd.  I don't think so at least... :P
Well... anyhoo, my  friends'name's are Emily, Christina, and Erin.

Or at least, those are the ones with internet access or whatever.
Other friends include:  Jimmy, Ruby, Kristen, Jason, Vannessa, Erika, 
Amanda, Allison, Jessica, ummm... I hope I didn't forget anyone.

No, I am not a third grader.  I have refrained from giving last names
for their own personal security.  Anyway, have fun! Live life to the 


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