TV Asia at the border between China and Vietnam

TV ASIA is a professional source for TV and film production and services to broadcasters and corporate television. We are located in Bangkok in the centre of Southeast Asia.

TV ASIA's experienced staff have planned and produced quality television throughout Asia for the last 10 years. From such exotic locations as Bhutan to The Golden Triangle.

TV ASIA's ability to provide reliable crew and equipment, a commitment to quality and a unique resourcefulness that evolves from the years of making Southeast Asia our territory.

Through a continued effort to maintain state of the art field production and post production equipment, TV ASIA can provide BETACAM SP A-B roll editing or on line computer editing in Bangkok.

TV ASIA operates with SONY Betacam SP or DVCAM units and can provide various wireless & shotgun microphones, portable mixers as well as Lowell and Strand lights, wide angles and dolley wheels.

Via a comprehensive computer system TV ASIA can put together crews and equipment in the most hard to reach places. And thanks to our computer archive we can provide you with exactly the research material you need for your production, and we can make the contact to the local expert you want to interview.

Beside being News on-line, the computer system is also used to locate shots from TV ASIA's vast Asian stock-shot library. A unique catalogue system makes available seven years of picture and sound from a dozen of Asian countries. We also offer still pictures from Asia via the Internet direct to you. You receive them instantly as JPG files. Denmark’s leading newspaper Berlingske Tidende depend on this important service.

Whether it's making a crucial edit & satellite feed or capturing distinct images for corporate image, TV ASIA is ready to be an important part of your next assignment.

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Updated August 22, 1999.

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