Need help with your homepage? Go to these sites for info, images, animated gifs, HTML help, sound help, graphics help, etc.

The "Home Page" Home Page - Contains a guide to HTML and info on how to create your own                                                  Home Page. Also, you can find several links to other pages which                                                  provide you with images, sounds, backgrounds, etc.                  

HTML and Stuff - Has Icons, animated GIFs, banners, bars, lines, backgrounds, and HTML tools.                              ( Just about everything you could ask for!)

A Beginner's guide to HTML - Don't know much about HTML? Go here and get all the info you                                                could want. If you don't want to learn HTML, go to the next                                                link..Netscape. There you can get a beta version of Gold 3.0, the                                                program I used to create my pages.

Netscape Home Page - Here you can download Netscape Gold 3.0, the program I used to create                                      all of my pages!

Gramps Win95 Fun and Animation Pages - Has alot of animated gifs. Also contains links to other                                                                   sites which can help you create your homepage.

StudentWeb Backgrounds - Provides you with various background images for your Web page.

The WDVL: The Web Developer's Virtual Library

Internet Resources - Info on browsers, HTTP, HTML and more!

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If you need help with something other than what can be found here, or if you find any problems with this page, please e-mail me here.

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