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One of the Best Anime AroundWelcome to my homepage. If anime is what you're looking for, you've definately come to the right place. Here, you will find anime pictures along with a few links to my favorite sites. This page also links you to sites which will help you build your own Home Page. It has links to various search engines as well. I add/change anime pictures change every so often, so be sure to come back again and see the updated pictures. The links connect you to sites containing various anime pictures as well as anime sound and video clips. If you don't know what anime is, go to "The Anime Page," where you will find info on many different types of anime. If you find any problems or have any questions regarding this page, please e-mail me at Thanks for stopping by. And now, on with the show!

Please choose from one of the following Image Pages:

Ranma ½      Ranma Images

Sailor Moon   Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Images

Dragon Ball   

Devil Hunter Yohko - Coming Soon!!!

Links to other anime sites - Links last added on 9/30/97 (E-mail me                                                       if you want a link added, and I will check your site out.)

Help Page - If you're in need help concerning your homepage, go to my Help Page. There, you'll find HTML help, HTML tools, background images, animated gifs, even a beginner's guide to HTML.

Quake Page - Links, info, cheats, etc. Also has links to pages that contain demo files of                              several games.

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