You're Under Arrest
File 1: And So They Met

Title: "And So They Met"
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(subtitled): AT095-04
(dubbed): ET095-04
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(subtitled): 7-37187-00149-9
(dubbed): 7-37187-00153-6
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(subtitled): 1-56567-148-1
(dubbed): 1-56567-152-X

AnimEigo's Words:

natsumi4.gif Tokyo Highway Patrol officers Natsumi and Miyuki get off to a bad start when Miyuki busts Natsumi for reckless Moped driving on her way to work. Things get worse when they find out they're going to be partners!

But when they run into "The Fox," a mysterious figure who tools around defying every traffic regulation yet invented in an unbelievably customized Morris Minor, they'll need all their wits and every RPM in Miyuki's Nitro-Boosted Mini Patrol Car to successfully hound their opponent.

"You're Under Arrest!" High-speed hi jinks from the creator of the smash hit "Oh My Goddess!"

Liner Notes:

The Type 2 Flying Boat: During WWII, all Western influences were officially purged in Japan, including the Gregorian calendar. In its place, the Old (Imperial) Japanese calendar was instituted. According to this calendar, the year 0 corresponds to the year 660 BC, and it is traditionaly held that on Feb. 11 of that year, the nation of Japan was founded. This day is still celebrated as Founding Day, a national holiday in Japan.

As a result, the year AD 1940 equals 2600 in the Old calendar, and this is the year which was used as the baseline for naming aircraft made during the War. Thus, planes built in 1940 were designated Zero, because they were built in the Imperial year ending in 0. Similarly, planes built in 1939 were designated as type 99, because AD 1939 was Imperial year 2599, 1941 planes were type 1, and 1942 planes were type 2, which was the year that this particular flying boat was built.

The Honda Beat, which is the baseline version of Miyuki's custom mini patrol car, is a light compact two-seater made only in Japan. It is not sold in the US due to a general US perference for larger cars and engines, as well high US collision safety standards which are very difficult for such a small car to meet. Normally the engine is a 660cc, but Miyuki has bored it out to 700cc and added twin cams, a turbo-charger, and Nitrous Oxide boost. Informed sources suggest that such a car could theoretically be built given current technology, but would be impractical at best in reality.


miyuki4.gif Tsujimoto Natsumi decides to avoid waiting at a train crossing because she is already late for her first day of work at Bokutoo Precinct. She turns her mini motorcycle (motocompo) around and uses a pedestrian walkway and a bit more speed to make up for lost time. This bit of recklessness quickly catches the eye of officer Kobayakawa Miyuki, who starts chasing after Natsumi in her mini patrol car.

kitty2.jpg Natsumi uses every bit of skill she has to avoid being pulled over by the patrol car. She goes through narrow alleyways, carries her motocompo up some stairs, through a temple, down a hill, and other illegal places. Natsumi eventually wipes out when a cat appeared in her path. She deftly avoids hurting the cat or herself as she wipes out. However, she gets caught by Miyuki in her mini patrol car and discovers her lunch to be missing.

As Miyuki lists all the laws that have been fractured, Natsumi fears for her license. But to Natsumi's surprise, Miyuki lets her slide on the traffic violations in honor of Natsumi's first day at Bokutoo Precinct. After a formal dressing down by her boss for being late, Natsumi quickly and completely explains her reasons for being tardy. On top of her explanation, she vows to do her best in her new job. To her surprise, Natsumi is teamed up with Miyuki as a partner and is given a complete tour of the precinct. The tour eventually finishes in the garage, where Miyuki is busy repairing and upgrading Natsumi's motocompo.

redmini.gif Natsumi worries over the compatibility between her and Miyuki, and ponders getting a new partner. They decide to flip a coin to determine whether or not to request new partners (heads to stick together and tails to split up the partnership). As the coin flips in the air, a red mini streaks past them and challenges them to try and catch them. Nakajima "White Hawk of Bokutoo" Ken decides to help the two young ladies out. In the process of chasing the red mini, Ken wipes out and leaves the case up to Miyuki and Natsumi. The two get a radio call from the driver of the red mini, who calls himself "The Fox," challenging them to try and catch him before "fireworks go off."

Miyuki quickly steels herself for the chase, and surprises/impresses Natsumi with her daring driving. They quickly find a way to trap "The Fox" by letting Natsumi use her motocompo to take a shortcut. Trapped between Miyuki (in her mini patrol car) and Natsumi (in her motocompo) "The Fox" uses some special modifications to his car to escape capture.

After losing "The Fox," he calls them on the radio again and gives them a last clue as to where the fireworks are. Miyuki quickly discovers the location to be at the site of a Type 2 Flying Boat exhibit. Natsumi and Miyuki then try to beat the clock to get to the exhibit on time. Once there they try and warn people away, while they deal with the package they found. Miyuki wants to use her technical knowhow to defuse it, while Natsumi wants to use her brute strength to toss it into the ocean. As they argue over it, fireworks fly out of the package and surprises everyone there. Aside from the fireworks, Natsumi finds her lost lunch and a note congradulating the two of them on their new partnership.

After all the excitement, the two new partners relax by the waterfront and decide to become partners and roommates. They even decide to have Natsumi finish the coin toss they started before the red mini interrupted.

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