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Title: "Tokyo Typhoon Rally"
Catalog Number:
(subtitled): AT095-05
(dubbed): ET095-05
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(subtitled): 7-37187-00150-5
(dubbed): 7-37187-00154-3
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(subtitled): 1-56567-149-X
(dubbed): 1-56567-153-8

AnimEigo's Words:

Storm clouds gather over Tokyo as a fierce Typhoon bears down upon the city. Into the darkness and wind steals a mysterious yellow Lancia, taking advantage of the deserted streets to indulge in some high-speed harassment. Meanwhile, back at Bokutoo Police Station, is that love, or just negative ions?

Intrepid police officers Natsumi and Miyuki can deal with the caos of a giant storm. But when they are faced with the challenge of transporting a desperately ill pregnant patient to a specialist hospital during a city-wide blackout, ther's no room for error, and no time to lose.

There is, however, a cop-hating yellow Lancia.

The Tokyo Typhoon Rally: No prize for second place.

Liner Notes:

The Kawasaki KLE-500 is designated as a dual-purpose motorcycle, meaning that it is equally suited to offroad as well as onroad use. This makes it suitable for foul weather driving, as demonstrated in the video. Actually, the -500 is made for sale only outside of Japan; the equivalent domestic model is the KLE-400. However, guys like Nakajima "White Hawk of Bokutoo" Ken would never settle for the ordinary domestic model when they can go to extraordinary lengths to obtain the almost identical export model!


Dark storm clouds build in the sky as a yellow Lancia Delta Integrale leaves it's parking garage. The driver revs up the engine and laughs as he hits the Tokyo streets.

Miyuki and Natsumi passes by Wakaba Preschool while on patrol and notices a bunch of kids gathered around looking at something. Natsumi quickly tells them to head home to avoid the storm. The two policewomen get out and is greeted by the kids. They are shown a chubby cat curled up in one of the little girl's hat. Natsumi immediatly recognizes it as the one she almost ran over on her first day of work at Bokutoo Police Station.

Miyuki quickly notices that the cat is ill and asks the kids about it. The kids think that the cat will have to go to the hospital. Nakajima's arrival quickly puts an end to the conversation as he picks up the cat by the scruff of it's neck and comments that it's gotten quite fat. Miyuki immediately grabs the cat away from him, cradles it tenderly, and scolds him for mistreating the cat. Meanwhile, Natsumi assures the kids that they will see that the cat gets better.

lance.jpg The yellow Lancia speeds by and barely misses them, while they are all talking with the kids. Natsumi keeps the kids safely off the road as she yells at the driver. The children gets scared by Natsumi's reaction.

Nakajima comments that he's dealt with that Lancia before. From inside his arms, a slightly scared Miyuki stirs. Ken becomes embarrassed being caught in this situation, and immediately lets her go and tries to recompose himself. Proving his extreme embarrassment, he jumps on his motorcycle only to fall right over on his side.

Natsumi and Miyuki returns to headquarters, where Natsumi teases Miyuki about Ken. Miyuki claims it was just because of the yellow Lancia. Yoriko interrupts and asks if they saw Nakajima. This sets off Miyuki, who heads up the stairs in a huff, still carrying the cat. Yoriko and Natsumi chuckles a bit over the way Miyuki is reacting.

The clouds and wind have turned into a fierce storm. Inside the station house, Miyuki looks over the cat and discovers it to be pregnant. That's why she's so fat and feeling ill.

Ken comes in and begs Miyuki for a favor. She goes off to help out, while Yoriko and Natsumi ponders about what favor it might be. They then decide to spy on Miyuki and Ken. As it turns out, Ken just wanted some help with his motorcycle (just a few modifications). Miyuki agrees and even offers the two evedroppers' help as well.

Miyuki keeps the two other ladies busy working on the bike. Yoriko stops for a moment to rest, and Ken offers her a drink. They start a small conversation that almost causes Yoriko to reveal her and Natsumi's suspicions.

kaw.jpg Out in the streets, the typhoon builds up as the yellow Lancia's recklessness builds up. The Lancia causes a truck to swerve and roll over on its side, causing melons to spill all over the street. Natsumi and Miyuki quickly head to the scene, while Nakajima heads out to find the yellow Lancia.

Upon reaching the scene of the accident, Miyuki and Natsumi discover the unconscious driver trapped inside the truck. Natsumi tries to pull the door open, but only manages to break the handle. She then wraps her fist with a handkerchief and punches a hole through the windshield. The two policewomen pull the driver out to the ambulance, and then help pickup the melons.

Drying off in the patrol car, they discuss the details of the accident. Miyuki discovered that it was cause by the yellow Lancia Ken is out to find. She explains that during every year's typhoon season, some guy races this legendary car through the streets. Miyuki goes on to reveal that Nakajima had a runin with this guy the preveous year. Miyuki also explains that the only reason Ken lost last time was because of his handicap (riding a motorcycle), and Natsumi replies that challenging the Lancia again is just the type of thing Ken would do. Miyuki gets worried over this, because each year the yellow Lancia's driver gets more and more reckless.

A call from Yoriko asking for help quickly puts an end to this discussion. Yoriko relates that the cat isn't eating and is crying out strangely. They come to the conclusion that the cat is about to give birth to a few kittens.

The police duo takes off with the cat with directions from Yoriko and head for the animal hospital. Nakajima overhears the radio call and asks for more details when a wind knocks a tree over and takes out some power lines. This causes a blackout and huge amounts of traffic everywhere. The yellow Lancia's driver just laughs about it.

The doctor at the animal hospital diagnoses that ther isn't anything he can do without power. He also tells the Miyuki and Natsumi that there are some complications, and suggests another hospital that can help. The grateful police officers head off to the other hospital.

On the way, Natsumi tells Yoriko about what the doctore said and asks for directions. When Yoriko can't come up with a route, Miyuki surprises all when she comes up with a route through a closed expressway. After moving the barricade aside, the two head on down the road.

As they race to the hospital, Natsumi tenderly encourages the cat to hang in. Miyuki becomes quite surprised and amused by this gentle side of Natsumi. They soon notice a car gaining on them. Soon they notice that it's the yellow Lancia, which roars past them. The two remarks to eachother about the danger in this. As the two cars race down the expressway, the Lancia cuts the two ladies off from their exit and just smiles.

The radio beeps when Nakajima calls them. He tells them that he's right behind them, and will take care of the Lancia. He pulls in front of the Lancia, challenging the driver to a race. With the driver racing Nakajima, the girls are free to take care of the cat. Natsumi comments on how cool Ken is, but Miyuki becomes worried over the danger of racing in a motorcycle in a typhoon. Ken responds that he trusts in the special work that Miyuki did on the bike.

As they continue down the expressway, Natsumi starts joking over the special work that Miyuki does for Ken. She then jokes about what Miyuki calls him. "Kenbo?" "Ken-Ken?" "Kensuke?" "Ken?" "Ken-chan?" This bit of banter gets interrupted by a call from "Ken-chan" that their exit is coming up. As they exit, Miyuki comments on the race they just left, "Since it's Ken-chan, he'll surely win." She then yells at Natsumi for mentioning all of that and making her call him "Ken-chan."

The rain gets so heavy that even the trains are stopped because of flooded tracks. Passengers are forced to wait, as are many commuters. Natsumi gives Miyuki directions through empty back streest to the hospital, while whispering encouraging words to the cat.

The yellow Lancia becomes frustrated and starts to bump Ken's bike from behind. Nakajima doesn't take to it kindly and returns with a kick to the Lancia's window. Continuing this game of escalating stakes, Ken lures the Lancia driver into sideswiping a guardrail. This just infuriates the driver more.

Miyuki and Natsumi come to a flooded out portion of road, and can't find a way around this even with their computer. Miyuki points out another alternative, Natsumi's Motocompo. Natsumi was thinking the same thing. On her Motocompo, Natsumi heads off over the flooded on the guardrails with the cat safely tied to the Motocompo's back. Miyuki wished her luck as she heads off.

As the race continues, Nakajima proves that Miyuki's modifications really do help out. He can make faster and tighter turns, while the yellow Lancia sideswipes the guardrails and eventually spins out. The driver stops, gets out, and collapses on the ground. Nakajima calmly walks up and tells him, "I have something to tell you: Hey! when passing near children, slown down and drive safely. Remember this!"

Having taken the long way around, Miyuki finally arrives at the animal hospital. The sound of kittens brings a smile to her face as she runs in the door. As the rain tapers off, she and Natsumi head back.

The next day, with sun shining, the preschoolers come out and find the pair's patrol car parked near the school. They look in and find the two asleep with a basket. A note attached to the basked says it's a present for all of them. The kids carefully take the basket from the car, and remove the lid to find the cat nursing her new kittens.

Natsumi finally opens her eyes, wakes up Miyuki, and points out a note taped to the windshield from the children. The note thanks them for the gift, and they both smile and drive off.

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