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You're Under Arrest
File 3: Love's Highway Stars

Title: "Love's Highway Stars"
Catalog Number:
(subtitled): AT095-06
(dubbed): ET095-06
UPC Number:
(subtitled): 7-37187-00151-2
(dubbed): 7-37187-00155-0
ISBN Number:
(subtitled): 1-56567-150-3
(dubbed): 1-56567-154-6

AnimEigo's Words:

Romance is on the rocks when Yoriko, Bokutoo Precinct's gossipy dispatcher, spreads the word that Miyuki is going to attend an "Omiai" matchmaking session. Will this dire news finally spur the terminally tonge-tied Ken into asking Miyuki for a date, or will Natsumi have to browbeat him into the dire deed?

Of course, Yoriko's got it all wrong. Miyuki isn't going on an Omiai. It's much worse than that!

Can Miyuki resist the charms of the stranger from her pasts? Can Natsumi deliver Ken from the depths of depression? Can the Captain combat the soap-opera snafu that is destroying precinct productivity? And can anyone get Yoriko to just shut up?!

"You're Under Arrest!" High-speed hi-jinks from the creator of the smash hit "Oh My Goddess!"

Liner Notes:

The name of the Mini-Patrol Car is "Today," and in the original manga series, it has a personalized license plates in the video are blank.

An "Omiai" (literally "see and meet") is a traditional method of Japanese matchmaking. The process begins with exchanges of photographs and biographies, and the first meeting is a very formal affair (often at a traditional restaurant) with parents and go-betweens in attendance. Many young Japanese people try Omiai when more casual methods come up short; many more are dragged into them by their parents.

Unlike the United States, many Japanese High-Schools are segregated by sex. Most Japaneses schools have special school uniforms, particularly the private schools. In Junior-High, the girls uniform is the famous "Sailor Suit."

Stoppin by a shrine, making wishes (ans a donation), and buying "Omamori," (literally "protection") are all part of many Japanese roadtrips. Omamori are conveniently available for many requirements, such as traffic safety, fertility, doing well on exams, and getting promotions. Natsumi has an ulterior motive in taking Ken to this particular shrine because it apperently specializes in matchmaking.

The casual "yukata" that everyone at the reunion are wearing are typically provied by the Hotel. On a typical reunion li this, you arrive, bathe (often in hot-springs), put on the clothes provided, eat, drink, make merry, sleep it off, soak again, and finally have breakfast.

Ken is from Suzuka prefecture, famous for it's Formula-1 racetrack. It's in the Kinki area near Osaka, far from Tokyo, so Ken couldn't be expected to know about the two Katsuura's. Of course, Natsumi ought to have known better, but she deftly makes Ken think it's his fault!

Natsumi and Ken are drinking "Cup-Sake," conveniently available from vending machines everywhere in Japan. Just about everything in Japan can be obtained from a vending machine.

Look carefully at the crowd of officers urging Ken on and you'll notice that one of them (he talks) bears a striking resemblence to Paul McCartney.

Based on the theatre marquee, it is likely that the movie Miyuki and Ken went to see was "Forrest Gump." This would have set them back around $35 for two tickets (and you thought movies were expensive in the USA!). Add this to a dinner bill of about $50, plus incidentals, and the cost of the date was approximately $100. The other movies are "Leon" ("The Professional" in the USA), "Sampson and Delilah," "My Love Diana" (we're not sure what the original English title is), "Irresponsible Captain Tylor" (a Japanese TV show), a double-feature of "Oh My Goddess" and "You're Under Arrest," and a Japanese movie whose title is unreadable.


Natsumi slowly wakes up wearing the headphones she fell asleep listening to. As she rises, she looks at the clock and discovers that she overslept.

At work, Miyuki is changing into her uniform, when Yoriko comes in and asks where Natsumi is. "She overslpt like she always does," replies Miyuki. Yoriko picks up the appointment book Miyuki dropped when putting on her uniform and takes a look in it. Miyuki gets annoyed with her snooping, takes the book back and realizes that she has to respond to an invitation for this weekend. After she runs off Yoriko grins and thinks to herself, "This weekend? Respond? This is suspicious."

Natsumi runs into the locker room and is greeted Yoriko grinning. "Do you want to know?" asks Yoriko when Natsumi asks about her giggling. Of course, her little rumor about Miyuki set the department's rumor mill going in high gear.

Nakajima walks into the office only to be greeted by a group who want to ask him something. He is "saved" from answering by Natsumi who runs in, grabs him by the neck, and drags him up to the roof. There, she and Yoriko proceeds to question him about a date with Miyuki this weekend. He claims to know nothing, so they tell him to do something about it. After further encouragement to "be a man," he agrees to.

Later, Nakajima walks past the garages, trying out ways to ask out Miyuki, but none seem to be good enough. His contemplation is brought to an abrupt halt by Miyuki's appearance. He comes out of trance by noticing a new

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