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You're Under Arrest
File 4: On The Road Again

Title: "On The Road Again"
Catalog Number:
(subtitled): AT095-07
(dubbed): ET095-07
UPC Number:
(subtitled): 7-37187-00151-1
(dubbed): 7-37187-00156-7
ISBN Number:
(subtitled): 1-56567-151-1
(dubbed): 1-56567-155-4

AnimEigo's Words:

Are Bokutoo Precinct's Dynamic Duo headed for Divorce? When the Captain makes Natsumi an offer she can't refuse - the chance to be one of the first female members of the elite motorcycle patrol - it looks like splitsville for Natsumi and Miyuki's partnership.

The normally decisive Natsumi is in a quandary. The normally tongue-tied Ken is full of advice. The normally stoic Miyuki is on the edge of tears. And the abnormally gossipy Yoriko isn't much help the one time she could be useful!

Will Natsumi make it as a motorcycle cop? Will Miyuki be able to cope with her carsick new partner? Will Ken take his own advice? And will anyone realize the true identity of the mysterious "Fox"?! Find out in the fiery conclusion to "You're Under Arrest!" High-speed hi-jinks from the creator of the smash hit "Oh My Goddess!"

Liner Notes:

"Kachi-Kachi-Yama" ("Rocky Mountain") is the story of a mischevious Tanuki (a sort of raccoon) who is punished for his pranks by a Rabbit.

The Junior Thespians belong to the "Sakura-gumi" or "Cherry-group" at the preschool; each class is named for a different flower. According to the leaflet, the Tulip-group is putting on "Yamata no Orochi" (The Orochi of Yamata, a monster-hunting story), and the Rose-group is putting on "Nametoko-yama no Kuma" (The Bear of Nametoko Mountain).

Natsumi may be losing her appetite, but she still managed to polish off 3 or 4 "sets" of food at lunch! It's no wonder that the cafeteria-lady misses her later in the episode.

The truck that catches fire has been collecting waste-paper; it is full of bundles of magazines and manga.

Finally, after 4 episodes, we actually see a license plate, on the runaway tanker. The format of Japanese license plates is standardized; at the top is the destrict where the plate was issued and a number based on the size of the vehicle, in this case "Shinagawa-64." Then comes a single hiragana symbol (in this case, "A") and a four digit number. Personalized license plates are not available in Japan.


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