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[Tendo Dojo]

Enter The Tendo Dojo Where You Could See Ranma And Genma In Training. Not To Mention Akane Pounding Ranma's Head!!!. Kasumi Making Dinner, Soun Reading His Newspaper, What Else Could Happened In This Peacefull House? Find Out For Yourself.

[Furinkan High School]

Enter Furinkan High School, Ranma and Akane's school.You could Check Out Different Places In The School, like Ranma and Akanes's Classroom, The Cafeteria, The Pool, The Gym, The Baseball Field, You Could Also Visit Miss Hinako's History Class, and many more. Remember School Starts At 8:30 So Don't Be Late!

[Akane's Room]

Enter Akane's Room where a lot of things happens, like Ranma Chasing P-Chan All Over The Room, Kodachi Hanging From The Ceeling With A Large Wooden Hammer, Before You Go Inside Remember!!!! Knock First!!! If She Catches You Sneeking To Her Room, You'll Probably End Up Being Unconcious!!!!

[Dr. Tofu's Clinic]

Enter Dr. Tofu's Clinic, Doctor Tofu Belives In Pressure Points And Accupunture For Cures. The Place Doesn't Smell Like Medicine, But Of Tea And Honey Cakes Made For His Visitors. Beware Thou!!! Look For Kasumi In The Clinic If She's Arround There's No Telling What The Good Doctor Might Do To You???

[Nabiki's Room]

Enter Nabiki's Room, See Nabiki Doing Aerobics Every Moring, You Could Also Join Her By Listening To Her Favorite Doco Song!!!. At Night She Looks At The Window Thinking If She Could Make Money From Ranma Or Kuno??? What Are Her Plans??? We'll You Ask Her Yourself. And Remember To Bring Some Hard Cash With You Before You Enter!!!

[Nekkonron China]

Wan't To Visit Nekkonron China, And Meet With Kirin And The Seven Lucky God Martial Artists??? We'll You'd Come To The Right Place, Hop On Aboard Kirin's Airship. It Will Take You Directly To Nekkoron China, Along The Way You'll See Familiar Places Like Jusengkyo, The Amazon Village, And The Great Wall Of China. So What Are You Waiting For??? Hop On Aboard The Ship!!!

[The Cat Cafe]

Enter The Famous Cat Cafe, As You Walk In, The Smell Of Top Ramen Noodles And Soup Fills Your Nose. The Old Goul Owns The Joint Together With Her Cute Grand Daughter Shampoo. You Could See Moose Asking Shampoo For A Date Over And Over Again. Be Carefull Thou Don't Even Try To Talk To Him Without His Glasses, He Might Think That You're Shampoo!!!

[Ucchan's Restaurant]

Enter Ucchan's Restaurant Home Of Those Tastefull Okinokoyami.It's Really Famous For It's Unique Taste, And Style Of Cooking!!! Every Afternoon The Restaurant Is Packed With Furinkan High Students!!! Who Can't Get Enough Of That Delicious Japanese Pizza, Or They Can't Get Enough Of That Cute Cook??? Who Knows??? We'll There's One Way To Find Out!!!

[The Floating Island Of Togengkyo]

Hop On Aboard Kuno's Ship, It Will Take You Directly To The Floating Isalnd Of Togengkyo. It's Really A Nice Place To Visit During The Hot Season, The Air Is Cool, The Water's Clear, The Skies Are Blue. You Can Even Go The Cat Cafe, Or Eat Some Okinokoyami Pizza!!! All In All This Is A Fun Way To Get Together And Relax, After That Constant Fighting!!!

[The Cursed Spring Of Jusengkyo]

Jusenkyou/Chouchuanshan In the remote Pa-yen-k'a-la mountains in the Tsinghai region of China, lies the training ground of Jusenkyou (or Chouchuanshan as the Chinese call it). It contains over 100 springs, each with its own tragic legend. Those who fall in one of the springs become cursed: cold water turns them into whatever sort of creature drowned there centuries ago, and hot water turns them back to their normal selves.


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