Shirow World Order

Welcome to the Masamune Shirow World Order Homepage! After two false starts, it seems as though the SWO is finally getting off the ground! Though the face of the page is not too terribly Different, the inner workings are. For one thing, the Shirow World Order is actually functioning as a club. If you would like to read About the projects that the club is working on, and has slated for the future, please go to the News page.

If you have visited this site before you will note that it has changed. a great deal. Besides checking my links[They all work now! Well, except for the ChatRoom, but i am working on that!] I have finally begun work on my Ghost in the Shell site[how long have I been meaning to put this up you ask? Since long before the movie came out, so, about 1 year.] Fear not, unlike this page, the Ghost in the Shell page will be chock full of image and info goodness!

Also if you have not yet joined the Shirow World Order, please do. It is not meerly a club in name only, currently most of it's members are ingaged in creating/playtesting the first Role Playing Game to be based on a work by Masamune Shirow, Appleseed!

Last time I updated the page[Dec. 96] I spoke of Studio Proteus and Dark Horse Comics coming out with the finished parts of appleseed book V. Alas, this will not be happening anytime soon, as Masamune Shirow decided to re-tool the parts that have been put out already. So, when they have come out in Japan, we can expect to see them here. You should still be able to find the Japanese graphic novel collecting the first parts of appleseed V in some import stores, such as nikaku. I highly recommend getting it, especially since this version will never make it to the US....

Also, I finally got a webcounter. please dis-regard the number of days that it has been in service. I registered for it on Decmber 20th, but it was not actually uploaded until February 11th. Also, the first dozen or so hits are me, Checking all the links as I upload revised pages. 1