Pencak silat in Japan
Pencak Silat in Japan


Pencak Silat is a traditional martial arts of Indonesia. It is not well-known in Japan yet, but I would like to make it more popular. I will upload the history, photos and so on, so wait a little bit more.


To be continued

This is the picture of the training at Indonesian school in Meguro Tokyo. We train usually twice a week from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Monday and Thursday. The instructors, who are Indonesians belong to Indonesia Pencak Silat Association.
Many people in Tokyo area haven't joined it yet, but we always welcome your attendance. You can just have a look at our training!
If any detail is needed, please call Japan Pencak Silat Association:Tel 03-3438-4711.
I'm also waiting for the email

This is the picture that we tried to obtain white belts. We usually train with Indonesian members like this picture.
The person that stands at the center of the front line is Mr. Susilo(Pak Susilo), and the one that stands next to him is Mr. Yuli(Mas Yuli). Both of them are instructors from Indonesia Pencak Silat Association.

This is the picture at World championship of Pencak Silat 1997.
We participated though it isn't long time since Japan Pencak Silat Association was founded. 9 Japanese people took part, and one of them got the 5th praise. The assingments of ours were the dance(Seni). @ @

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