My Puppy

Okay, I had been wanting to get a dog for some time now. However, until I moved to Houston, I wasn't allowed to keep pets in my apartment. So when I moved, I made sure that I got an apartment that would allow pets. And sure enough, a few weeks after I moved, I got a puppy! Yep, her name is Berri. I adopted her from the local SPCA (Go and save a pet, why don't cha). She's about five months old now and weighs about 22 pounds. She's believed to be a German shepard mix (and mixed with what, I have no idea). She seems pretty smart (for a dog) and a bit rebellious at times, but for the most part, she's quite well behaved. Here are some pictures of Berri. I'll add more as I get them scanned... Well, Berri's about 20 months old now. As you can probably see, she's gotten darker and more furry. She's not as big as I thought she'd get, but that's okay. She's about 40 lbs.; a bit chubby according to the vet. She's still somewhat rebellious, but her temper is just great.

Ahhhh, ain't she cute?

She's a pretty mellow dog...

Berri is going to be 3 years old on June 7, 2001. Yup, she's getting chubbier as she grows older, however, her colouration isn't as dark any longer. After her 3 months vacation in Colorado, she gained 10 pounds, but she has definitely built up some muscles. Now back in Houston, she lost a few pounds that she gained in Denver, however, since there's a lack of exercise, her muscles transformed into FAT! Here are some of her recent pictures.

Berri in Colorado Berri and Chi-Hui

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