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I was born in Taiwan in 1973.  From what I remember, I was a pretty nasty little brat.  With periods of utter silence when focused on some play project and occasional outbursts of total impatience and impertinence, my days in Taiwan went on.  I came to the US in the early 80's and settled in the SF Bay Area.  There, I grew up, went to high school and college, and worked.  I am now doing time in Houston, Texas as a graduate student at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.  I hope to return to SF when I'm allowed to leave in another 2-3 years here for good behavior and start the rest of my life.

As for my research, I am studying the effects of nitric oxide (NO), a small free radical, on the growth characteristics and chemoresistance of melanoma skin cancer.  I hypothesize that NO serves as a survival factor in melanoma, which leads to tumor progression and resistance to chemotherapy.  In short, I do NO work in melanoma.

Through the years, I've met some people whom I consider to be life-long friends.  Some friends are lost to me now, and it's difficult to know how to feel about that.  It's unclear whether I should be saddened by losing contact or be forward-looking and anticipate new-found friends.  Personally, I think it's always hard to let old friends go.  Well, c'est la vie and que sera sera.  Wherever these people are, I hope that they're living a happy and fulfilling life.  As for the friends I've kept, they are the best that anyone can hope for.  I'm truly fortunate to have them.  You know who you are.

As for family, I have one.  It's scattered all over the world, strewn about like God's little sneeze droplets.  I don't see them much, which makes things hard.  But all the same, it's nice to know they're somewhere.  My sister is in 10th grade and lives with me.  A riddle:  What do you get when you have two lazy, procrastinating siblings who dislike cleaning, add a dog who shreds incessantly, and throw it all in a house with one bath and mix?
Here, I use Calvin as a loose representation of me in lab working with things that, for one reason or another, stink.
Answer:  My current existence.

It's not so bad, I suppose.  I just don't get much time for intraspection.  Maybe that's a good thing...  Here's a modification of Des Carte's idea of existence.  "I think, therefore I'm screwed."  Ha!  What a sardonic comment!

Anyway, if you know me, drop me an email sometime.  If not, do the same.  I have to get back to work.

More later.  (if I feel like typing more)
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