The Music Sheet

For those appreciators of music, you'll probably enjoy the variety of musical tastes here. My musical tastes are pretty diverse (well except for maybe country and rap). Everything from Rock and Modern to Classical and R&B. In here, the spirit of music will surround you, tickle your emotions, and sooth your soul. There is no other form of expression quite as pure and universal as music.


Les Misérables is by far the most inspiring musical that I've seen. Those of you who have seen it will agree. The music is deeply moving, the story is touching, and the message is uplifting. The link to the Les Misérable Home Page is worth visiting. William S. Kartalopoulos did an excellent job of putting together the page. William has put the synopsis on his page. If you want to get the complete libretto of Les Misérable, you can get it in two parts; Act 1 and Act 2. There are a bunch of other things such as sound snip-its and images/graphics. Special thanks to William for making the Les Misérable page available for us.

Phantom of the Opera is another great musical. More spectacular than , Phantom is a feast for the eyes and ears. I would say the story is rather simple. It's actually done in the form of a flashback. I'll find some links to the Phantom soon.

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