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-thought of the moment- (date: 01/10/02 09:30 AM )
School Just started.  School still sux.  Happy birthday Lih.

JAN ~ A NEW YEAR!!!!  2002  

Jan 3 - Lih Hwa's 21st Birthday

Jan 14th Lan's Birthday

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Name: Alex S. Tsai

AKA: Penguin, Tsai, A, Big One, Allah (JK), Frank's Brother

Mean Names I was called: Big Head, Decoy, Flat Face

School: If you know how to get to this page, you should be smart enough to figure out what school I go to.

Likes: Penguins, HanGuk Yuja, Penguins, Penguins

Availability: Currently Available (while supplies last)


and here is a picture of me and Dennis' Little Cousin Mimi. Cute eh?