Festival Bonadori Title

Once a year in Japan there is a festival called Bon-a-Dori. This is a time when the deceased members spirits are believed to come back and visit with their families. The spiritual after life is a very important of the Japanese culture and religion so the Festival Bon-a-Dori gives families a chance to get together and celebrate the spiritual well being of their passed on ancestors. The celebrations are wide spread throughout the country and almost always include the awe inspiring Taiko drummers in there colorful ceremonial dress. There are also many examples of folk style Japanese dancing preformed by only the most polished and talented of dancers. I myself, through attending these festivals and my Japanese friends and been forunate to learn some of this beautiful art form. Surrounding the festival grounds are gourmet chiefs constantly preparing sizzling hot selections of Japanese cuisine and many a bartender mixing every kind of oriental drink imaginable. As you begin mingle in the large crowds of people it soons becomes evident that the Japanese are a very open and friendly people to which no one is ever a stranger. The festivities last through the day and well into the night with constant eating, drinking and dancing. It is a festival not soon forgotten by any who attend. Each year that i go it is always a new and wonderful experience for me. If your ever in japan during the time of Festival Bon-a-Dori, you will not regret taking the time to join in on the celebrations.


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