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Hi! I'm Giovanni! This is my homepage, I hope you'll find it useful!

I'm 17, 170 meters and 57 kilos. I live in Rome, Italy, and I now frequent the 4th year of Scientific High School. I like SF, anime, manga and soccer.

I'm working on a homepage about "Hokuto No Ken" (also known as "Fist of the North Star") and about "Star Wars™"...

I shall expand these pages weekly, adding more photos, MIDs and WAVs, and also start editing the Star Wars™ pages which aren't yet available.

You can contact me for anything you want (suggestions, threats, critics, chat, infos, etc.) either via Internet ( or via FidoNet (2:335/388.79).

Otherwise I'm also connected to HyperNet (111:100/201.79) and Trek'37 (37:1/4000.79).

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