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Following is the list of links to webpages which discuss Macintosh Japanese Language Kit and the related matters.

JISMUG Home Page

JISMUG, which stands for Japanese International Support Macintosh User Group, is a registered Apple U.S. MUG. The main audience is targeted at JLK users. Very helpful.

by Apple Computerェ

A section of Apple's ftp site which stores the updaters and the updated versions of JLK related softwares. HERE is a comprehensive list of mirror sites (WWW & FTP). Gopher version is HERE. Apple Japan's FTP server is HERE. Recommended to check this site regularly.

Japanese Language Kit
by Apple Computerェ

Apple's official documentation about the overview of Japanese Language Kit. If you are still undetermined of whether to buy JLK or KanjiTalk, take a look at this first. Japanese translation is HERE. Apple Tech Info Library also offers a description of JLK HERE. HERE is the product data sheet of JLK with a link to Acrobat Data Sheet Archive.

Technical Japanese Program
by The University of Washington

An overview of JLK provided by the University of Washington. They give an ordering information and a list of resellers of JLK.

Virtual Symposium Multi Lingual Text Processing Systems
by TRONSHOW Steering Committee

If you are a computer user whose native tongue is not among Western/Latin languages, whatever the platform you are using may be, this is a must-see webpage. Take a serious listen to what they've got to say against the proposed standard character code of the white future, viz. Unicode. (Yuck, what a perfect name.) Apple Computerェ too is planning to adopt this arrogantly West-supremacist character code in the next major upgrade of MacOS. What the ****!!!

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