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In this section I should like to introduce you the Japanese versions of several popular sharewares/freewares.

I Like Japan
Latest version: PR1

I LIKE JAPAN, made possible by TANIDA Kentaro, is a notable application program which lets you view Japanese text files without KanjiTalk or JLK, not even Japanese fonts! Mr. TANIDA lately released even a bettter application which lets you compose Japanese text too: Write Tokyo.

Latest version: 2.0

Elixir is an extension which enables your mac to view Chinese (GB and BIG5), Japanese, and Korean in all the programs that allow you to change text fonts including, most notably, Netscape Navigator. (Again, you don't need KanjiTalk or JLK.) Better than Shodpuka for web browsing.

Latest version: 2.1

Zafir is a text editor with built-in support to Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Although Zafir shows text with style and color, it's not a word processor. Zafir is aimed to these who do not have a language kit from Apple but want to to edit these two-byte languages, or to these who want faster and better input support.

Unicorn Editor
Latest version: 1.2

Unicorn Editor is a text editor capable of editing Chinese, Japanese and Korean based on the WASTE text engine (ShareWare $20). With Unicorn Editor you can: (1) Display Chinese, Japanese, Korean with any MacOS compatible computer with system 7.1 or above in any applications; (2) Create, edit and print styled multilingual text in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and any western languages; (3) Edit WYSWYG HTML with features tailored for GB/HZ Chinese and Shift-JIS/EUC-J/JIS Japanese users; (4) Export any text file in image format using web savvy format (JPEG/GIF/PICT); (5) Convert styled multilingual text in 2-byte languages to pdf document by non-localized Adobe Acrobat for file exchange; (6) Convert language code set by importing and exporting text file to be loaded to internet; (7) Set up an external Chinese, Korean, Japanese viewer and editor for internet browser; (8) Quickly create, edit and print styled text documents of any size (limited by RAM); (9) View and print TeachText or SimpleText read-only ("ReadMe") documents; (10) Embed picture, sound, QuickTime movie and QuickDraw 3D model in your file for breath-taking presentation; (11) Drag and Drop any text, picture, sound, movie object around or to other drag and drop compatible application; (12) Import/Export document from/to file format readable by other applications; (13) Read document out aloud using Macintalk technology.

It comes with Pan-Asia Language Kit which provides basic support for reading Chinese, Japanese, Korean text on any Macintosh with system 7.1+. Worldscript II, Worldscript Power Adapter, InputBackSupport extensions are needed to use Pan-Asia Language Kit. For system 7.1 user, these Apple Extension can be obtained from CLK updater 1.1.1 from Apple. For system 7.5 user, user can custom install the above mentioned extensions using System 7.5 update 2.0 installer. For MacOS 7.6 user, user can custom install the above mentioned extensions using installer on your system installer disk. For MacOS 8.0 user, no extra installation is needed because worldscript is built in. It should be noted that the Pan-Asia scripts include Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, four scripts. These scripts are not from Apple, but engineered independently at PanA.

Latest version:

Eudora-J is the Japanese version of Eudora, a popular emailer from Qualcommェ. The one it is based on is Eudora lite, which is freeware, and so Eudora-J too is free of charge. But Eudora-J is far behind the original in terms of version number ( vs. 3.0.1); therefore, you may find a lot of inconvenience if you were already familiar with the latest English Eudora Lite.

Kanji Plug-in
Latest version: 1.0.1

The Kanji Conversion Plug-in is a module that you can plug into your non-Japanese version of Eudora to give it the capability to send and receive email in Japanese. The original english version of Eudora Lite/Pro is definitely better than its Japanese version; however, they cannot process Japanese emails properly... even with the help of this Kanji plug-in. (-_-) So if you are too poor to afford a Eudora Pro-J or Japanese Claris Emailer, there are unfortunately but two second best options now: Eudora-J or Eudora Lite + Kanji plug-in. Also note that Kanji plug-in is shareware, not freeware.

Japanese Plug-in
Latest version: 1.0b3

Another Japanese Plug-in for Eudora by a Japanese author.

Mojibake Fixer
Latest version: 1.2

Mojibake Fixer is a plug-in module for Eudora 3.0 or later which converts some of corrupted Japanese text data into readable Shift-JIS counterparts.

Eudora Translator
Latest version: 1.0b1

Eudora Translator is an application program which translates ISO-2022-JP and Base 64 encoded texts in toc data received by English version of Eudora into SJIS text.

Latest version: J/E 2.2

This shareware emailer for Macintosh (3,000 yen, 30 days trial for free) I found today is just awesome. Musashi's user interface is simply the best; neither Eudora nor Claris Emailer can match it in the least. It's got the real graphical user interface of the Macintosh. (No tawdry icons of Eudora Pro!) Trash the annoying Eudora-J today and let this great samurai be your legitimate companion. :-)

Latest version: 2.1.6-J18.2

Newswatcher is probably the most widely used Usenet newsreader application for Macintosh. If you are still using the crappy newsreader built into Netscape, switch to NewsWatcher now. (The same goes for emailer.) NewsWatcher-J, made possible by the same author as Eudora-J, is the Japanese version of the application.

NewsWatcher 2.16+jp1
Latest version: 1.3.4

This is a patch to make Japanese-enabling version of NewsWatcher 2.1.6. You first have to have the original English NewsWatcher by John Norstad to apply the patch, not to mention.

NewsWatcher 2.1.6 Base64
Latest version: 2.1.6

Another Japanized NewsWatcher 2.1.6. User interface remains English.

Latest version: 2.4.0

The story concerning the version of NewsWatcher is much more complicated than that of Eudora. Today, there are several independent versions derived from the original non-hyphated (^^;;) NewsWatcher 2.1.6 invented by John Norstad, each of them now promoted by different authors, such as VA-NewsWatcher, MT-NewsWatcher, and this YA-NewsWatcher. What is significant of YA-version (btw YA stands for Yet Another :-) is that it features a Japanese plug-in (which is shareware -- NewsWatcher itself is free). Unlike the Kanji-plugin for Eudora mentioned above, this DOES work very fine. And of course YA-NewsWatcher (2.4.0) has better overall functionality than the predecessor NewsWatcher (2.1.6). User-interface remains English even after installing the plug-in, but who cares?

NCSA Telnet
Latest version: 2.7J6

The Japanese version of NCSA Telnet.

Latest version: 3.0.3J2

The Japanese version of Fetch.

Mac Clinic
Latest version: N/A

Simple Japanization patches for FreePPP, Fetch, Stufflit Lite, Graphic Converter, GIFBuilder &c. are provided by Mac Clinic.

If you found typo or mis/outdated-information or expired links or too abstruct/technical description or whatsoever seems wrong, let me know.