Astrology is something that goes beyond the horoscopes in the newspapers, something beyond as simple as a "sign".... it's a reflection upon people, and while some may dispute its credibility, it's something to believe in. Something that is meant as fun, but with as much accuracy based in it as life will allow. There are certain rules in astrology, certain guidelines, and one just can't pull a horoscope out of his rear end, so to speak.

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The sign you were born under (refered to as either a sun sign or a star sign) tells what sign has the greatest influence on you, but not total. So, no one really is going to act straight to the letter of his astrological sign's description. Everyone is different.

At this point, the natal chart enters. To put things simply, a natal chart is a chart of where the planets and signs were in the sky at the time of a person's birth. Each planet carries a certain meaning, as does each sign, and those two link together with where they were in the sky at the time of birth to give an prediction of what a person will turn out to be like. It is not set in stone. It is merely a reflection of what things could be.

Natal charts are mostly quite accurate; there are people that dispute various parts, but, as I've said earlier, the art of astrology takes both a bit of faith and a realization that this is only prediction made at birth at what a person will be like. Nothing is ever set into stone.

Another type of chart is a relationship chart; it takes the natal chart information for two people, overlays them, and then examines how the two people would interact. It's not merely about romantic compatability, it's just about how two people would get along in various aspects of life.

If you are interested in getting a free natal or relationship chart, please visit the site. In addition to offering such nice services, they also host a wealth of free information on the various planets, signs, and etc. It's a great place to stop by at if you're interested in gleaning some more information on astrology.

How does all of this related to Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon? All the girls have the powers associated with their planet, and, most importantly, the personalities of the various girls are dead-on in accordance with their guardian planets. I respect Naoko Takeuchi's work very much. It's so obvious she did a LOT of good research, and applied it when creating her characters' personalities. Example: Sailormoon. Various aspects of her personality fit perfectly with the aspects of Cancer, the sign that falls under the moon. She eats a lot; she's moody, she's rather shy at times and sometimes can withdraw into her shell. The moon governs emotions, and Usagi's got plenty of those. BSSM isn't a bunch of fluff... Takeuchi-san took a lot of time to create her characters perfectly in accordance with their astrological backgrounds.

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