The Jumpoff Point

Just some links to jump along; these are some of my favorite places to visit. They are categorized, so hopefully it'll be not so confusing.

Gaming Links:
The Mud Connector. What can I say, if you're looking to find a good mud [or just figure out what a MUD is], this is the place to stop by.
Interested in building your own area on a MUD? Check this place out, it's got some links to quite a few different types of building programs.
Check out my favorite Mud: Time of the Shadows. Look for me on as my immortal, Sakko, and say hello! :)

Sports-related Links:
The Lowell High School Gymnastics Page.
International Gymnast Magazine Online.
An Amy Chow fan page. *^.^*

Virtual Cards:
The Electronic Postcard. Neat place, you can send e-mail postcards to people--free!!
Virtual Flowers, the more elegant way of saying "hello". :)
Bluemountain Virtual Cards. I've discovered these people a short while ago; their selection of virtual cards is phenominal.

Back to homepage. It may be high in sugar and all that good stuff, but it won't kill you. I promise. =)